In your mind, you are playing a game.

It is not a great game

But it is one you play A LOT

It is the game of ‘Let me see why it is easier for ‘them’ to do what I claim to want to do but think I can’t do’

In this game, you look at some person’s life…

This person is doing the things you want to do

You compare your life circumstances to this person

And you find the differences.

Maybe they don’t have kids and you do

Maybe they are in the UK/US and you are not.

Maybe they are black with brown hair while you are white and blond

Maybe they have brown hair but yours is red

Maybe they have a partner and you don’t

Maybe he is a dude and you are a gal

Maybe they had nice parents and you had really horrid ones

Maybe they are popular and you are shy

Maybe YOU THINK they have more money and you feel broke

Maybe they live alone and you live with manipulative & nosy family members with heavy cultural demands on you

Maybe it is completely the opposite way in each of those examples.

Whichever way it is, you tell yourself that that is why they are doing so well and you just wish you had their luck because THEN, OF COURSE you would have been able to create the life you want.

OF COURSE, it would have been so easy for you… THEN!!!!



Absolute crazy NONSENSE!

But it is nonsense that will condemn you to a mediocre life of envy and sadness, if you do not stop indulging that nonsense.


If you are an adult, You have EXACTLY what you have settled for in your life

Hard to hear, I know but still true.

And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can move forward.

If you keep trying to allocate blame to things ‘out there’, you will FOREVER suffer.

If you choose now to take responsibility for where you are, without blame, shame, guilt, regret, you can also fully realise your power to change things that no longer suit you.

If you are that driven spiritual person who knows you are meant for more…

If you feel stifled by doubt and negative comparison…

If you are ready to fully own the fact that you created your current reality and you can choose a different one if you prefer…

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Much Amazing Love

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