There are 7.whatever billion people on the planet and yet, you are getting your knickers in a twist about the 1-10 people who do not understand you.

And then you get into this whole ‘trying to prove yourself’ thing.

And then you get all stressed out.

So much time and energy wasted trying to get a few people to understand and like you.

Subconsciously, there is the feeling that you need permission to be yourself from these people who have shown you that they do not like you.

Feels pretty bad when it is a loved one or worse, a parent.

They SHOULD love you and like you and be enamoured with you, is what your subconscious mind is screaming.

Even though it is obvious that they don’t.

But to truly contemplate that, is scary so you keep jumping through the hoops.

Freedom comes when you face the truth.

Yes, maybe, they SHOULD like you but they do not.

Their actions and words and behaviours tell you this.

And if you could just choose to begin the process of letting go of the need for them to like you, you might notice that there are 7 billion people out there.

And amongst that 7 billion or so people, you can find YOUR people.

You can let go.

You can use your energy to build a life you adore.

No, it is not selfish to do that.

It is essential.

I know it is not easy.

I have had to make these choices and it took a while to get to the point where I was able to realise fully that I needed to let them be them and allow myself to love me for me.

My love-ability was not determined by them.

I had nothing to prove or rebel against.

I could only be free when I let go and allowed myself to be free.

Are you ready to let go?

A whole new, open-space world awaits you.

Much Amazing Love

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