I see you standing there…

In the corridor of your life with all these doors leading to grand adventures

But you stand…

With trepidation…

To scared to open any door…

Working hard at your vision, of course because you are a worker

But you never quite get there because you are not really pushing on any doors…

You are still in the corridor waiting, waiting, waiting

For what?

To be sure that you are allowed to want that

To be sure that it will actually make your life better to be living in your true design life

To be sure that you are not being greedy

To be sure that the Divine will not snatch it back from you

To be sure you have earnt it

To be sure of so many things that really don’t stop you

Because you could just push the doors open and boldly claim the life you desire

But I see you standing there, working hard to stand very still

And on the surface, you grow in frustration because you cannot figure out why you are not getting anywhere when you are working so hard

Oh, I remember what that is like

You are freaking working harder than everyone you know and getting NOWHERE!

What the heck?!

Oh, I remember that feeling well…

And then the Divine finally got my attention

And showed me that I was holding back from my good for all the reasons I mentioned above plus more…

And He showed me that it was all in my head

Deep down conditioning that needed to be cleaned and cleared because it was preventing me from going after my good

It was keeping me in this pattern of push, push, push to go absolutely nowhere

And how long did I want to stay there for?!


I was done when I finally saw what I was doing!

I started the inner work

I stopped trying to sweep my fears under the rug and actually held them up to the light

And in the light, they faded away to nothing

And one day, I looked at my life and realised that everything had changed

All the things that I had spent so long pushing for, were here now

No longer was I in the corridor

Are you ready to leave the corridor and actually start living life to your TRUE DESIGN, my love?

Yes, then do the inner work with as much focus as you do the outer

Maybe even more

You are Divine being, honey

Most of your power is caught up in your divinity and that gets blocked when you are operating from rules and dogma that others conditioned into you.


Stop avoiding the inner work – DO IT!

Maybe others can get away with it (though you really have no idea what anyone else went through to get where they are so do not just assume it was easier for them)


You have some crazy ideas hiding under the surface that you can clear if you will pay attention.


Do the work

The work always works!


You just gotta do both the inner and the outer work

Will you?

I invite you to the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY



Much Amazing Love

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