I know that the text on the image is probably a bit too dramatic for most situations but if you fully realised how much time and energy you are wasting, maybe you would realise just how important this post is.

I must admit, even writing this is making me a little weepy as I consider how much time & energy I wasted saying ‘YES’.

Trying to belong.

Trying to be what ‘they’ wanted me to be.

Trying to be good.

At the same time, trying to retain my own personality.

Rebelling & submitting, when I did not need to.

Being everything BUT ME!

While wondering why I felt so anxious & sad so much of the time.

I was denying myself.

My inner child was weeping.

And I could not hear it.

I tried to be all things to all people.

And I kept getting it all wrong.

I kept saying what they considered to be the wrong things to say.

I kept being too much.

I kept being selfish, or so they said.

I kept being lazy, or so they said.

I kept being the wrong person… FOR THEM!

It was never enough & I was trying so hard!

And so then I took it into church, trying to be of assistance to everyone.

Trying to save the world.

Something inside me realised I needed to save myself but instead of looking within, I kept looking out there for someone, anyone to save.

It made me forget for a moment that I was off-path.

And no one would have known it.

I looked the part of success.

But I was breaking inside.

And then I broke.

And came back up for air after 4 years of depression.

And I started to say ‘NO’ to them.

And ‘YES’ to me.

It was gradual but life changed.

I found myself again.

And now it is your turn to remember who you are.

Deep within, you KNOW when you are abusing yourself.

Please stop it.

You are worthy of the best of everything but you will not receive it if you choose not to start paying attention to YOU.

Surely, it is time.

Emoji me with ??? if this resonates.

And if you are ready to consider a different path to fulfilling success, then come immerse yourself in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.


Much Amazing Love

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