So you feel bad about how your physical reality looks at the moment.

And then you start to feel bad about feeling bad.

And then you feel even worse about feeling bad about feeling bad.

And then you try to analyse why you are feeling bad and think and think about what belief you need to clear.

But you end up feeling even worse about feeling bad about feeling bad about whatever you have decided the problem is.

And this can continue indefinitely. More and more layers of feeling bad from that initial ‘feel bad’ moment.

Until you break the loop.


? The moment you remember yourself, You deliberately figure out what you do want.

?You stop paying attention to what you don’t want and instead DELIBERATELY think about what you do.

?You ask yourself “How would it feel to already have what I want?”


You may have to do it again and again and again as it is human nature, or some would say the law of attraction, to keep going back to the habitual pattern of feeling bad about everything.

You do have a choice, though.

You can break free at any moment.

And your creativity will increase when you choose to focus on what you do want, instead of what you don’t.

Which then increases your chances of actually achieving your goals.

So stop reacting to your reactions.


Do you get what I mean?

One thing that has helped me take deliberate control over my feelings and thoughts was immersing my mind in new ideas. This helped me place a check on my mind when it started to go places I did not want it to go.

And with that in mind, I created the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

A place for you to immerse your mind in new ideas and concepts – Some of which you may never have considered.

Break free from mass mind conditioning, my love.

Mass mind thinkers do not tend to get what they desire out of life and I really do want you to, if you are willing.

Come, reprogram your mind for increased prosperity. By joining the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY for 30 days here at
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