Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

From The Bible

It is like someone sitting through a movie in the cinema, hating it but then going to buy some more popcorn, another ticket and sitting back down to watch it again…

Repeat 10 thousand times…

That is what is happening in your life when you keep rehashing and overthinking the stuff currently happening in your life…

AND THEN to make it even more crazy, do you realise that YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR of the movie????!!!

You put it all together in exactly the way it is playing out but by some mysterious chance, you forgot and now, you just keep playing the same-old, same-old movie passively

And wondering why it never gets any better for you!


This is your life

What do you want?

I know it is not all bad…

I know you have created some awesome bits into your life

I also know that you desire more

A heckuva lot more

And I know you will not get that ‘more’ by focusing in on what you do not want

The only way you create the more, is by focusing on what YOU DO WANT

Even though it does not feel real in your current physical reality

Even though you wonder if it is possible for you

You still have to clearly define it in your mind/heart

And focus in on it, to the exclusion of what you consider to be your ‘reality’

And act from that inner reality until you open your eyes and see that everything around you in the physical world, is now what you picture within

You are a powerful divine being and whatever you set your mind to create, you can

But for the most part, you passively set your mind on creating more drama and nonsense

And I understand that you did not realise that by focusing all your worry and doubts and fears on an unwanted situation, you were just recreating it…

But now you know

So time to take responsibility and start stepping towards what you do want.

Yes, it will take a determined effort to reprogram your mind/heart/beliefs for success – That is the important inner work

But you will begin seeing change almost as soon as you make the decision to shift

Whenever people take part in my simple 14 day prosperity experiment (which is available within the OPULENCE CIRCLE), they see change immediately because they are expanding their capacity to receive their good…deliberately and the whole universe is set up to support you

All it takes is a decision

Yep, you have to make that decision 20 million times until it becomes as second nature to you as your current life, but really it simply comes down to a decision to change your life to something you desire

And then step by step, you move towards it

Will you do this?

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