Most people are in protection mode.

Forever trapped.

Forever living small.

Forever being controlled by fear and doubt.

My whole life was like this, for a long time and I did not even know it.

I was protecting myself from all imagined and real hurt and in the process, my whole life became a protection from potential hurt.

I became a pharmacist to protect myself with a profession that would not go out of fashion (I hoped) and an income that would keep me going (I hoped)

I was in church to protect myself from eternal hellfire (I hoped) and so that I belonged somewhere (if I could jump through the right amount of hoops in exactly the right way)

I exercised to protect myself from getting unhealthy and fat (I hoped)

I went to certain places and avoided other places to protect myself from whatever I thought I needed protecting from.

The things I really longed to do, seemed unreasonable and so they were humoured occasionally but then left on the shelf to languish and fade

My whole life was built on a foundation of fear.

And it seemed reasonable.


I just felt so empty.

So unfulfilled.

But that was just the way it had to be, right?!

the ‘adult’ life?!

Suffering, sacrifice and struggle with a noble smile slapped on, for good effect.

Disappointed but pressing on.

Bored but ‘responsible’.

The reward would come one day…

Except I could not completely buy that story.

It felt pointless.

It did not feel like this was the Divine’s intention for me (and finding that intention was so important to me)

I did not realise at that point that the Divine’s intention was for me to follow my heart, NOT HIDE it!

I blamed the Divine for a lot of things in those days.

Not consciously.

I just felt He stifled me with all the rules I was supposed to follow.

But it was all a nonsense.

I always had free will.

The Divine was waiting on my awakening.

He was awaiting for my self-trust

He was waiting for me to be hungry enough to stop protecting and start uncovering, following and living from my heart.

It took some time but I awakened.

And as a client said this weekend, I see now that ‘I’ am the gift that just keeps giving.

How much of your life is just you protecting your heart?

Protecting yourself from your own glorious self

A fear-focused life that just keeps going round in circles and getting nowhere.

Same patterns repeated time and time again.

Living to please the people around you (though you would never admit it unless you are particularly self-aware)

Placing your own life on hold

Telling yourself that, one day, you will do the things you want to do.

And by the time that one day makes it way around, you are probably too sick or tired to do anything.

Aren’t you done living in fear?

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The thing about living in protection is that you are immersed in self-doubt and fear

You can feel your life getting smaller and smaller but you have less and less ability to break free… or so it seems.

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Taking the simple actions

Ditching the doubt.

Flicking the switch to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.

AWAKEN, dear one.

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Much Amazing Love


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