You ARE coach, healer, course-creator

You do have a message to share with the world

And it needs your boldness, your rawness, your wildness, your passion

But you are living a muted life

Trying to keep everyone happy, trying not to offend, trying to appease the Divine as if the Divine needs you to play small in this crazy way.

It is time to return to your true design self, your so-called ‘too-much’ self, the offensive self that you have tamed.

You feel so muted.

You feel so silenced

You feel so unlike yourself.

Your creativity and ideas feel dried up.

You have memories of the wild, happy, youth you used to be before you allowed yourself to be tamed – It is time to return to that.

Let down your guard. You have imprisoned yourself because you so desperately wanted to be accepted.

Set yourself free.

Start small, if you must.

Say what you want to say to THAT person or THOSE people. Let them be shocked 😲 – they know you are speaking truth but they just never expected you to have the balls to say it. Shake them awake and in so doing, shake yourself awake.

Start having authentic relationships, rather than these false acquaintances you keep trying to settle for and you keep having to be someone else for.

And also, start &/or grow the business that you have been dreaming of.

Invest real money in doing this thing that is important to you.

Yes, it will shock some people who will think you are frivolous but this is your money, this is your life… fight for yourself, for goodness’ sake.

Fight for YOUR vision. Stop caving because it seems ‘too-much’ – You ARE ‘TOO-MUCH’! You are made for this ‘TOO-MUCH’ vision, if you would just unmute and untame yourself.

DECIDE that you will NEVER back down from making it a success so of course, the money invested MUST return.

And for goodness’ sake! Stop allowing money to beat you up and leave you for dead in an unfulfilling life.

Money is not supposed to be your master and neither are any people.

YOU are the authority in your life.  Stop giving your power away to money and people. Take back Dominion, will ya?

Unmute yourself.

Unmute yourself.

Right now, start unmuting yourself.

It is time to live the life you are meant to be living, making the difference, changing the lives with your true wild message, building the 6-figure (or more) business, making the money, loving your life, feeling free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched.


Wake The Heck Up!

And if you are truly determined to hit 6-Figures in your coaching, healing, course-creator business by this time next year, unmute yourself and go download a free copy of my book The 6-Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Book at

Much Amazing Love

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