Yes, mistakes have been made

Yes, time has been wasted

Yes, you should have known better

But how does it serve you to keep looking back and beating up on yourself?

Are you not just continuing the cycle of time wasting?

Now is a new day.

Now is a new moment

CHOOSE AGAIN what you MUST create with your life and get to creating it.

No it is not too late

No, your time is not over

NOW is your day to wake up and be all that you are created to be

Now is the time to shed the pain and limiting beliefs of the past

Now is the time to CHOOSE that you MUST rise victorious in your true design

You are done with being held down by your old choices, right?

SO STOP Looking back with regret

Everything you went through has prepared you to fly forward, if you will let it

Everything can be used to accelerate you

You have skills now that you did not have before but you are so used to having them that you take them for granted

Same thing goes with the wisdom within you

You do not fully appreciate the treasures that lie within you and instead you look back at all the noise, nonsense and drama


Forgive yourself NOW

Forgive yourself once and for all.


Put your hands on your heart and SAY IT repeatedly for 5 minutes

Let this be the last time you dwell on the past

From this moment forward, whenever regret wells up with you, discipline yourself to refocus on your goals.


Whether you are 7 or 70, write down NOW what you choose to create with the rest of your time on this planet.

Sit with the Divine, show Him your list and COMMIT YOURSELF to creating it with the backing of the entire universe.

Feel the swell of cheers and love coming at you as you finally get deliberate about the design of your life

And then ask “What is the best and most joyous thing I can do now to bring my vision to life?


Do not stop to think about it

Listen to that first bubbling up idea within you and MOVE, MOVE, MOVE your butt.

Woohoo!  It is a new day and everything starts afresh now.

The choice is yours.  Will you continually wallow in the past?

Or will you charge forward to avery deliberated created PROSPEROUS future?

I hope you choose the latter.


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