Stop looking back – Charge Forward & Claim It All

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Charge Forward & Take it All

Recently, I was reading the story of the Israelites from ages past.  They are complaining, groaning, moaning, fed up of the struggle.  Fed up of the journey to their best life and they are ready to quit, to give up, to go back to the place where they were slaves because suddenly slavery looks better than going forward into the unknown.

At least, when they were slaves, everything was predictable.
They got food on time…
They went to work at a set time…
They got beaten down emotionally at a set time…
They got beaten physically and possibly almost killed at a set time…
Ultimately, they knew what to expect!
And they wanted this certainty back.
It seems that they did not care that it was a very horrid, cruel certainty – The important thing to them was that it was the devil they knew.
This devil they were heading towards seemed too big and insurmountable and the journey to this unknown devil was taking far longer than they had assumed it would take.
And now they wanted back to certainty.
A horrid certainty but they knew what to expect and were willing to beg their way back in, if necessary.
How many times do you do that?
You get excited, fired up, ready to take on the world and you start something.  YOU know you are taken care of and miracles seem to happen to you on the journey but it starts to take a little longer than you thought it would…
It starts to be harder than you had hoped it would be…
It starts to drain you emotionally because the high you felt when you began is slowly fading away and there does not seem to be an end to this journey you have embarked on.
You have lost sight of the goal and it feels too hard to continue when the thought of the comfortable past is getting more and more shiny with each passing moment.
You even catch yourself dreaming about how perfect it was to KNOW that you were going to hate your day as long as you also KNEW you were going to get paid at the end of the week.
Or maybe, it is a relationship you walked away from and again, you look back to this soul destroying relationship with longing because at least you were not lonely when this person was physically or emotionally abusing you.  It still felt good to be part of a relationship.  You start to wonder why you thought it was so bad. 

Or maybe it is your health…  You know that eating the way you used to eat is harmful and possibly killing you.  You remember the days of no energy now with fondness, you remember the days of looking at yourself in the mirror and hating what you saw, with fondness!  Because again, the certainty of that is better than this struggle to get healthy and the taste of junk food is so much better than this crazy green stuff you have to keep eating.
Or spirituality – It all seemed straightforward when you claimed to believe nothing and now that you believe in the Divine, The Universe, God, you wonder why it is still so hard?  Are you not good enough?  Does He/She not care enough about you?  Why are bad things still happening to you?  Where is the protection you thought would come your way and where is the closeness, the intimacy, the relationship you thought you were going to get?

‘When am I going to get there?’
‘When am I going to get there?’
‘When will life be perfect?’
‘Maybe it is time to go back to the way things were – At least, I knew what to expect’

And most people do turn back…
In fact, most people never start the journey; they just dream about it and wake up to the mundane.  They tell themselves that this is life and they give up on their dreams and ignore the emptiness inside.
Others spend too much time looking back while trying to walk forward and so the journey gets even more tedious.  Their feet are in both camps and they make no firm decision about either and so they finally tire themselves out and go back with their tail between their legs.
And then there are the warriors like you and me…
You have taken the time to get clear and you continually do it each and every day.  You are clear about what you are working towards and you do not even take a moment to look back and reminisce.
It is still too fresh in your mind the horror of living a life that was limited in every single way.
So now, you spend more time picturing the dream.  You spend more time focused on getting the outcome you have promised yourself.

And you know you can get it.
And you know that even on the days when it seems tough, there is NOTHING TO GO BACK TO!
You are committed to this.  You would rather die trying to accomplish your goals, dreams, aspirations than go back to mediocrity.
And you inspire me!  You inspire me because you continue despite incredible odds to design your own life and business.
There is nothing special about you – Anyone can do what you do except not everyone does.
You are ready to make stuff happen now and you will not look back or take ‘no’ for an answer and so you keep moving forward, you keep asking for what you want from life and you start to get it.
You get the adventure, the freedom, the wealth, the abundance because you dared to believe it was possible for you.
You get to make a difference, to have impact on a wide group of people because you dared to stay on path.  You faced your inner demons and your limiting beliefs, you redesigned your inner world and your external world had no choice but to obey.
You are a warrior!
You do the impossible because you decided you would.  You did not wait around for some savior, you chose to stop looking for a magic button.
You staked your claim and nothing, no one could stop you from making it happen.
You know that you are not living anywhere near your full potential and you are determined to discover just how much you are capable of.
Others think you are too much, too proud, too selfish, too _________ (insert whatever they say)…
But you smile and keep moving forward.
You are on path and you know it.  Even the journey is fulfilling because you know where you are headed.
You are certainly not like the Israelites.  No, you are like the two warriors of old from the story, who knew, ABSOLUTELY KNEW that they would conquer and they tried to convince people to come but in the end, they determinedly went forward with those who would come while the other Israelites got their wish, they died in the wilderness looking back with fondness.
Such a pity!
But you… YOU are not like that!
And you expect to get exactly what you have set your mind to.
You are committed!
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Much Amazing Love

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