Fear comes in many guises.

One of them is reason and logic.

It plays on your most logical sounding fears and the moment you engage with it, trying to reason with it, you are lost.

You must learn to notice any voice within you that would take you off path.

As you sit in silence with the Divine, picturing your end goals, picturing your vision of your TRUE DESIGN life, any thought that comes against the vision is not to be engaged with.

Immediately, see that it is fear or doubt or whatever and replace it with a renewed focus on the vision you are creating.

Some fears are too loud to ignore. Try to find a root cause, a root belief that needs to be corrected and CORRECT IT but do not dwell for ages as that will cause you to be distracted from what you are seeking to create.

Forgive whatever needs to be forgiven.

Clear whatever needs to be cleared.

Refocus on the vision and seek inspired action.

Then move towards the vision.


Not something to stay safe or to assuage the fear.

It may seem reasonable to try and fix urgent concerns but many people’s lives are full of urgent concerns that they are always running around trying to fix and it seems reasonable to keep solving problems.

that is how many end up going to the grave having done nothing other than solve problems.


Keep your eyes on the vision and move towards it.

No matter how compelling the fears and urgent things may seem.

You are called and born to experience prosperity in all areas of your life, do not be taken off-path.


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Much Amazing Love

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