Your BIGGEST, BIGGEST HUGEST challenge is your need to hold on to what you ‘know’.

When you think about the fact that what you know, has not got you where you want to be, the question is why the heck do you keep holding on so tight to it?

This is the worst thing for most people.

They even have subtle intuitive nudges trying to get them to go another direction and STILL they hold on to the familiar.

My relationship with the Divine got deeper, more real and more powerful when I stopped pretending to know it all.

When I dropped old ideas that seemed to be putting barriers between unconditional love and I.

When I finally trusted the little intuitive nudges within me and stopped giving so much credence to ideas planted in me, by other people.

It was amazing to realise that He had better business ideas, better parenting ideas, better happiness ideas than anything out there.

Yes, sometimes I was directed to go learn from someone or some place but I learnt to trust the inner KNOW-er within me, rather than just going along with something just because I always had or because someone said I should.

I will not lie, it was scary and still can be at times.

I lost a lot of people who did not understand this new version of me and kept trying to make me fit back into their box.

But thankfully, I had begun to realise that nothing and no one out there, was my source of love or approval or whatever.

So, I began to let go of them and let go of old ideas more and more easily.



I will never go back to my bound up existence again.

You cannot taste this kind of freedom and then go back.

Anyway, back to you, my love.

You are holding on to ideas that do not serve you.

And you are fighting to keep them EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW it is not serving you.

When will you be ready to let go?

When will you truly be ready to prosper?

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Much Amazing Love

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