Stop Hiding Behind Your Logo – Show Up!

Stop hiding behind yor logo

The online space has become a place where lots of people hang out. Some techy peeps even think we might get to the place where we never, ever see each other physically, it might be completely done online – Maybe, maybe not.

Whichever way, a lot of people spend a lot of time online doing business, living life, making all kinds of things happen. The problem arises when the things they are making happen are done behind the mask of a logo or brand picture.

It is so easy to do all kinds of crazy things when you know no one knows who you are and so there is no comeback on you. Not many cyber bullies put their faces behind their posts, do they?

The thing is this, if you are a start-up business owner and you keep hiding behind your logo or some eggheads on twitter instead of putting your face out there and boldly bravely showing up just as you are, it makes people wonder what you have to hide.

In fact, let me ask you directly… What do you have to hide?

Why are you intent on keeping your face out of the limelight? What do you think will happen?

So, maybe you are still at work and you are trying to build your business on the down low? I get it but it will slow your growth down if people do not know who you really are. I would suggest that you come to some agreement with your boss as soon as possible and start to show up boldly.

Or maybe, you just don’t want people knowing your business and your private life?

In which case, expect people to literally choose not to know your actual business and therefore refuse to buy your stuff. No one said anything about airing all your dirty laundry – No one wants to see that but we do want to see you.

I also hid when I started out building a business.  I had been a pharmacist for so long, it felt weird to come out and say I was now going to be selling some other seemingly lesser thing. Being a pharmacist certainly sounds better than being in business but it just got in the way of me creating the business I really wanted.

I even went as far as building Mum in Business to 10000 fans and still it felt slightly wrong and so in the end, I decided to own who I am and just be Rosemary Nonny Knight and my business has grown as a result.

I am transparent now and people can see me and build relationships with me and it makes a difference to how much they will trust what I have to say and sell.

You might be thinking “but my business is different?” No it is not. We live in the same world where people want to know who they are communicating with so show up and be you boldly.

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