I remember begging a friend to start her ministry as she was a gifted preacher and I wanted to be her worship leader…

She didn’t… Thankfully.

That would have just been another person I hid behind, instead of doing my own thing.

I was so scared in those days

I have always had dreams of empowering millions of people but I kept thinking “Who am I to think that I can do this?”

It seemed so impractical


Definitely bigger than me.

I even felt too proud to have such a vision.

I remember sitting in church listening to all these people talking about how they had started living their visions and they were always humble and they never expected to be called to do this huge thing.

It all seemed so completely unexpected to them…

God would swoop in and catapult them to fame and it NEVER had anything to do with them.  They just humbly allowed the Divine to take over and make it happen for them.

And so I took that to mean that because I wanted it, then I was too proud and would NEVER have it

So what was the point in ever beginning?

And so I decided that I was supposed to be supportive of other people instead…

That was the ‘humble’ and ‘right’ thing to do, right?

And I kinda hoped that they would notice me and give me a platform

Even when someone did, it never lasted long as there was always someone else to tell me how proud and wrong I was…

And I believed them because I already thought that of myself…

And so I settled into living life as a pharmacist, bored, unfulfilled, frustrated

But hey that is adult life, right?!




But yep, I did it.

I see you, honey…

Holding back from truly going all in on your own vision and it is a pity.

You have so much to offer the world but you hold back

You tell yourself that you do not know what to do

You tell yourself that you are waiting for the right time

You hide behind other people’s visions and never quite commit to your own.

You feel frustrated.

You might even feel resentful of the person you are hiding behind because you are waiting for them to finally hand over the reins to you.

Or to open doors for you

You blame them for your own fears

You blame them for holding you back when you are just too scared to do what they did.

You judge the way they run their own vision and you are sure you could do it better but YOU DON’T EVER DO IT!

And you are torn between thinking you are too proud and longing to fulfil the calling on your life

Wake the heck up and stop hiding.

I no longer believe anyone who makes out their vision to be some unexpected surprise from the heavens

It takes a lot of determination and passion and FOCUS to build anything from the ground up.

The only people who might get it by surprise are the children who inherit their parent’s efforts and even then, if you want to keep it, you are going to need to VERY DELIBERATELY learn how to keep the vision running.

So, give up any idea that the Divine is going to swoop in and give you your vision without any effort from you


If you truly do want to live out the calling on your life, you better CHOOSE VERY DELIBERATELY to do it or else, you will die unsatisfied, unfulfilled and VERY VERY angry with yourself for being wimpy.


Today is the day for you to start mapping out and taking action in the direction of what you desire.

Your vision is your permission



It will take complete total surrender to it if you are going to bring it to life so stop stalling and get on with it – There is just no more time to waste in an unfulfilled and financially restricted life.

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