When a man is poor, even his family has no use for him.
    How much more will his “friends” avoid him—
    for though he begs for help, they won’t respond

From The Bible

I read this passage yesterday night and in previous years, I would have read it to mean that people were unfair to the poor…

I used to join in with the weird spiritual trend that glorifies having nothing

And because, deep inside, I actually wanted to have everything and live a VIP life, I made myself feel wrong and guilty and unworthy of any good thing.  I thought Papa would see my pride and punish me for it and so, I punished myself by not allowing myself to go after everything I desired.


This time, when I read that passage, I realised that King Solomon was telling peeps not to be poor because it was YUK and you were kinda useless to everyone!

Even your own family won’t like you and it ain’t their fault – IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SORT IT OUT!

Not take it as some kind of spiritual badge of honour.

My hubby happened to mention shortly afterwards about the stoic way of renouncing worldly ease and luxuries

And in that moment, I said something along the lines of “I have actually experienced poverty and I never want to go back there, Thank you very much. So, I will continue being stoic and rich”

This crazy spiritual idea that you need to give up everything to experience true connection to Source is usually glorified by those who have always had everything!

When you KNOW what it is to have nothing, why the heck would you go back there? And you certainly will not glorify it as some kind of spiritual pathway!

So, you know what?! If I have not been unapologetic about it before, I AM NOW!



It is a silly indulgence to glorify poverty as a spiritual path

Yes, I get that we do not want stuff to own us but that does not mean that we cannot own stuff

Honey, stop feeling guilty about your desire to have as much stuff as you desire

Everyone has the same ability to create stuff and please, remember I am talking as someone who has actually lived and experienced poverty in those 3rd world countries that all the developed nations seem to think are unfairly treated.

PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE wherever they are born

They are ALL POWERFUL enough to choose a different path, if they want to

And I do understand that if you have been immersed in an environment that has convinced you that you are weak and need rescuing then it will take some doing to break free from ‘mass think’

However, that is precisely why I do the work I do…

If enough of us spirit-driven people in developed countries would stop buying into these weird ideals and instead stepped boldly into the calling on our lives…

We could be the beacons for people all over the world.

Some of us are called to go into these places

Some of us will influence those who are called to go into these places

You just never know what impact your life will have on the world but if you are busy glorifying poverty when deep within yourself, you KNOW you want to live a VIP lifestyle and you are telling yourself some silly story of it being more spiritual to deny yourself then frankly, your energy is misdirected and is not doing anything useful for the world.

Be Spiritual

Be Rich


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Much Amazing Love

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