Stop Copying Every One Else – Do Your Own Thing

Stop Copying Every One Else - Do Your Own ThingLots of people consider starting their own business and they get caught up in learning the latest and greatest strategy to get them the big bucks quickly.

Be Warned!

In this day and age, professionals are waking up to the fact that freedom can only be found when they start their own business. However, they are concerned about making the transition from a place where most things are done for them and a place where their monthly salary is paid each and every month to a place of uncertainty where they are not completely sure where their next income is likely to come from.

I get it. I made the transition once and it was pretty darned scary. I did it because I had hit rock- bottom trying hard to fit into the mould. I was a pharmacist and not liking it much but hey, it paid the bills so I did it until I could do it no longer. More about that in a later article.

For now, understand that the need to create certainty in a very uncertain world will lead you to copying other people’s ‘tried and tested’ ideas instead of being you and putting yourself out in the world.

Learning Does Lead to Earning

OK, so it may seem that I am saying you should not learn from anyone.

Of course you should!

You need to learn some of the skills that your professional career did not prepare you for.  You need to understand how to generate leads, you need to understand the basics of converting those leads into buying customers and you need to know how to build relationships that generate income time and time again for you but do you need to do it exactly the way everyone else does it?

No, you do not.

Learning certainly leads to more earning but the journey must not stop there.

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Freedom, Abundance, BusinessThe Next Stage After Doing Some Learning

So, you have chosen your mentors and learnt what they do to generate the income that they have and now you are ready to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship – working when you want doing what you want, however you want to do it…

And yet, all you are doing is exactly what you were told to do by some guru person who has never walked in your shoes.  What tends to happen at this point is that you do not get the results you want.  You do almost exactly what you learnt to do and somehow the results leave you wanting more.

And you just do not understand what went wrong.

What went wrong is that you are trying too hard to be someone you are not.  You rehoping to find that magic bullet system that no one, but you, can create.

The world of the entrepreneur is more love, art and creativity than structure, form and definite A-B journeys.  There is always a lot of room for individuality on the path and if you are anything like I used to be, you keep wondering why your magic bullet system is not working already, even though you have implemented it for all of five seconds.

You forget that it took you some time to learn your craft at work so of course, it will take you a little time to implement this new thing in a way that makes sense to you.

And the other thing you forget is that one of the reasons you jumped into being an entrepreneur was because you were tired of following the system and now you have come out into the business world trying to implement a system.  Imagine it worked!

You would find yourself right back in a world that you do not like, again.

Find Your Own Way

Choose to find your own way.  Choose to learn the basics and then choose to implement it your own way.  The grand idea is freedom and fulfilment so do not give that up as you try to follow someone else’s path to success.

You have a path and it is yours to find.  Do not waste time being a poor copy – Be the original.

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