There you go again…

Counting how many words were in that guru’s email…

Checking to see what they have on their ‘about us’ page…

Comparing it to the one you are about to write…

Is yours as relevant?

Is yours as good?

Do you match up to what they are doing?

And then, of course, you start to doubt yourself and wonder if you should be doing it all different…

Can you please just trust that you know what to do next and get to work DOING IT!

All this time spent trying to match up to some other person’s thing…

Don’t you see that you are not supposed to match up to what they are doing and if you did match up perfectly then you would just blend into the background doing the same old, same old stuff that everyone else is doing…


You are supposed to have a unique flavour…

So, why oh why would you try to be the same?!

I get it!

You want to make money so desperately that you are willing to give up your uniqueness.

And I get that!

I really do!

I even did that!

But guess what?

I only started to make money when I let go of the desperation and tapped into Spirit and intuition and ACTED ON IT!

Do you want to learn more about this?

How to tap into your own internal wisdom, rather than continuously trying to use step-by-step blueprints from gurus that just do not work for you?

Then grab my book – PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE – How to get clear, stay clear and take action to get what you want out of life – Download your copy at

No more trying to be anyone else because who you are is pretty dang awesome and when you really tap into that energy and OWN your awesome, you will find that customers, clients, recruits are beating a track to your door to buy whatever you put out there.

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