Burnout, burnout, BURNOUT

That condition has been given the power of a demigod.

Capable of stopping people going after their vision with a HUGE full stop as they halt their progress with fear that they will burnout because one day, some time ago, they had gotten all stressed out in a job they were not suited for or some other such situation and now, there is fear that the same will result again.

I sympathize but also, I think – COME ON! it is not the same thing…

And if you are a client, I tell you that in no uncertain terms…

However, it can be the same thing IF you are doing your purpose work but then doing it from a place of such desperation, fear and trepidation because all your internal fears about not being able to make it work or keep it working are coming up to play and you are letting them.

Again – COME ON – do not make a good thing bad by stressing out about it!

I know, I know it is easier said than done…

And I know I sound like I am taking all your concerns lightly

And the truth is, I am.

Because I have learnt to stop giving so much power to these things that are completely controlled by my mind.

They are real, I Know

But only as real as I allow them to be.

I had to learn this, though.

I am that girl that moves fast.  When I am enamoured by something, it must happen YESTERDAY.  In some people’s books, I am exactly the kind of girl that will burn out but I just don’t let it happen… anymore.

When I am tired, I rest.

All other times, I go full pelt.

I only do what I want to do, 98% of the time (working on the remaining 2%) and so, work is play is work is play is fun!

The end.

I refuse to make any more of it.

Now it took exposure to a different thinking coach for me to get to this place of peace so I understand that you may find it difficult but let me be your coach today and tell you to stop expecting burnout because it is simply responding to your thoughts.

And here are a few ideas to help you get all of this under control.


The work always works but the work is not just the external work.  Most people in this community, myself included, are hard workers.  We do not shirk the work. The physical work, I mean.  And we have experienced success because this is the case.  The problem is that the success was not the prosperity you hoped for.  It was more success as defined by other people and so when you got it, you realised, there gotta be more than this!

The thing is, we like to avoid the internal work.  You, like I, may have felt that only the weak ones do all that stuff and complain about their mommies and daddies etc.  And so, there is a tendency to cover all bases by having a spirituality that is practically inactive.  It is not expected to do much in real life and so you find yourself in this place of having ‘success’ but it is eating you alive because you have ONLY done the outer work and tried to pretend the inner work is not required.

Most of us in this community have come through cray, cray, CRAZY stuff and so you can avoid dealing with your past, all you damn well please but you are just relegating yourself to a life VERY VERY ordinary – one full of burnout, stress and all that nonsense.

Here is a suggestion: It might be easier to do the internal work, to have a spiritual practice that you PRACTISE daily but not in a surface, ‘gotta tick all the boxes’ kinda way.  It needs to change your heart.  It needs to break through your walls.  It needs to CLEAR YOU so that you are facing the world with power and internal clarity not just working your socks off trying to ward away the boogie man that you are too scared to face!

You DO KNOW what I mean!

Though I know you will keep trying to deny it.

I did that.

It took rock-bottom to wake me up.

And I kept relapsing so I get it but I gotta shake you from this passive way of living.

Can you not see that hard work alone is NEVER going to get you where you want to go? It is never going to get you the fulfilment, peace, fun, abundance you want.  So decide now, is money alone enough? or do you want money PLUS everything else?

If the answer is the latter, then go within!


Figure out your fears.

Look them in the eye.  Decide if they are really so worthy of your energy?

Do some clearing work.

I find that Ho’oponopono works really well – Just say “I love you, I am sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you” with the intention of clearing that fear.

There are other clearing strategies.  I have written about a few and I teach a few to clients so do a search on the blog for more ideas but start with simple old and very useful Ho’oponopono


There is a pay off as well for all this busyness and fear – What is that?

Figure it out and clear it.

Maybe you are seeking validation – CLEAR IT! as stated above.  You cannot allow people sitting on their behinds to control whether you allow prosperity in or not!


We have learnt to be completely self-sufficient because of the issues of the past.  The idea od leaning on anyone inslcusing the UNIVERSE / GOD is unsettling but you get to choose.  Will you keep getting stressed out trying to figure everything out alone or will you choose to live in trust that you are taken care of and fully supported?  One path leads to burnout and anxiety and the other leads to peace, fun, freedom.  I am not sure there is a real choice there but I know you.  Why take the easier route when you can take the hard one, right?!

Ha ha!  I know you because I have been you.


And no shenanigans about how you are doing this for your kids or something.

If they are your priority, build a life where they fit into it.

Your life can be one.  It does not need to have boxes.

My business is a part of my life in such a way that I do not always know when I am working or playing or being with my children – it is all part and parcel of the same life.  I find that cool.  Maybe, the boxes model is not working for you.

Instead of trying for some cray cray work-life balance – just know your priorities and make your life be about all of them at the same time 😀  I know it seems weird but just because the masses think work is horrid and to be separated from life does not mean we have to go along with that.


You know your priorities – Stop doing all the rest.

The end.

Yep, you will probably have to work out all the kinks and handle any guilt that threatens to take you over but really, JUST STOP doing things, hanging with people that are not important to you. STOP!


I wish I could say that you will be able to do this alone.  You will not.

You will get pulled back into your old life before you know it.

All stressed out and burnt out etc.

Work with a coach.  If you are here, then the chances are that i am the coach for you.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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