You are the authority in your life.

You are the one that decides what happens in your life.

You are the one with the calling to make a difference in that specific way.

You are the one that deserves to be surrounded by loving relationships.

You are the one that deserves to be respected.

YOU ARE THE ONE that gets to design your life the way you want it.

And yet, you keep leaving parts of it to chance.

Yes, I know you are rather powerful in areas where you feel certain of yourself but there are way too many areas where you are just kinda wishing and a-hoping that life will play out good for you.

AWAKEN, my love – YOU are the one that chooses that.

The Divine is waiting for you to get certain that you deserve those good things while you are sat there, waiting to be told that you are allowed it.

Stop being so uncertain!


Get clear on what you want in every area of your life and then DECIDE to create it.

This is not about manipulating anyone to do anything against their will.

This is not about you taking more than your fair share of whatever it is you are worried about getting.

Don’t you understand that everyone is powerful in their own right and that there is abundance for all.

Stop doubting your motivation and stop being wimpy about declaring what you want and doing all you can to create it.

Dump the uncertainty.

Dump the second-guessing about whether you are allowed it or not, or whether it is greedy or not, or whether it is selfish or not.

ADMIT WHAT YOU WANT and decide with absolutely certainty that it is a done deal.

And then ACT as the authority in your life and CREATE the thing.

At the moment, your wimpiness is causing you to work very hard to accomplish very little because there is all this self-doubt clouding your inner world. Your channel for prosperity is obstructed with all that doubt and questioning.


DECIDE and get to creating.

All of the universe is ready to back you up. BACK YOURSELF.

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