You hesitate when you need to move forward

You procrastinate when you need to take action

You ask for an opinion from someone who has not done what you want to do

You allow their opinion to mean something when it really does not

You keep looking for confirmation & approval in all the wrong places – your parents, spiritual teacher, children, partner – NONE OF THEM have done what you want to do and ALL OF THEM have a vested interest in keeping you in place doing what you always do for them.

And all of this just means you make no progress, which then reinforces your inner fear that you cannot do it, that you are going to fail or make a mistake again.

You are capable of so much more than you allow yourself to experience

You could already be making 6 figures in your purpose-aligned business

Are you not fed up with going round and round in circles?

Working hard but pulling back from going all the way in and therefore, forever struggling but never reaching your true goals

How much more pain do you have to go through before you finally commit and FOCUS on the simple things you need to do repeatedly until they take?

ONE: DECIDE on the person you can most easily help, their problems, their dreams, the end-goal they desire

TWO: DECIDE on your offering and price. Do your best to make it irresistible to the person you have chosen to support.  Be willing to tweak parts of it to fully represent what your prospective client is most interested in but do not keep changing your offering and do not keep trying to add more and more offers as this just gets confusing

THREE: DECIDE to raise your visibility in the marketplace by communicating your ideas in places where your people are likely to hang out

FOUR: DECIDE to grow your mailing list by offering something for free in return for contact details. Let this be growing daily.

FIVE: DECIDE to make offers to as many people as you can invite onto the phone with you

SIX: DECIDE to keep following up with your audience via email and keep inviting them to the phone

SEVEN: DECIDE to be consistent, relentless, tenacious, resilient until you break through

Yes, get support if you are not quite sure how to do the above

Yes, lean deeply on to the Divine

Yes, deeply know how loved & worthy you are – It is a decision to know this.

Yes, pray, affirm, decree, visualise & feel into your highest good

NO! do not assume that this means you can sit around and wait for more signs and more miracles.

Keep taking the next step and stop allowing distractions to keep you from your next obvious action.


Notice when you are hedging your bets and doing the ‘one foot in, one foot out’ thing and immediately GO FOR BROKE! Either you believe you are going to win or you don’t

You cannot be both in and out at the same time.



You may as well find out fast if you are breaking everything.

Why extend the torture by dabbling?

FOCUS and go all the way in.

Stop being so lukewarm!  You extend your suffering when you do not play full out.

If you are truly determined to hit 6 figures by this time next year in your coaching, healing, course-creator business, download a free copy of my book- The 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Book at

Much Amazing Love


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