For a long, LONG time, I was hypnotized by circumstances, hardship, struggle.

I walked around reacting to everything.

If I could see it, then it was real and I had to react to it.

I had to solve problems…

I had to fight and rise above…

I had to keep pushing, pushing, PUSHING against these circumstances and struggles in order to win…

And I even prided myself on my ability to stay in the game, keep fighting, keep pushing…

And then there were days when the fight was just too much and I would walk around passively allowing blow upon blow to make me feel smaller and smaller and smaller.

I have always been spiritual and I definitely had moments of great spiritual triumph but for the most part, my faith was not completely relevant in everyday life.

Mostly because I just did not know how to translate what I was reading and being told, into everyday life.  It seemed alright for the more right-brained types who felt this and felt that and saw angels and mystical beings but for me, the one who had been trained as a scientist, it all seemed way too woo-woo for regular everyday life.

And so I walked around hypnotized by the happenings around me.

They were so real


I did not realise just how much power I was giving to circumstances, problems, hardships, struggle.

I talked of a great life but I expected a struggle-infused life and like I always tell you – YOU WILL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU EXPECT!

And as much as lots of people are motivated to get away from struggle, MOST PEOPLE DO NOT EVER EXPERIENCE TRUE SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY!

They just about get away from their struggles – ish.

Their eyes are always expecting the next bad thing…

They are ready to give up or fight

But what if, you just chose to look above all that…

What if you decide to work, internally and externally, towards your vision?

What if you refuse to see any obstacle in your path?

What if you refuse to be hypnotised by circumstances, problems, struggles, hardship and instead…

You become hypnotized by your big vision and EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO be motivated by the BIG vision?

Personally, I changed my outlook on life…

I chose my own delusion, is the way I sometimes put it…

Though that probably sounds negative but this is it, we all get to choose what hypnotizes us while we walk this planet.  You can choose a life of always having something to overcome because it feels more real to you…

Or you can choose a life of ease and flow towards your big dreams and desires.

You can choose to think everything is against you reaching your goals…

Or you can choose to think that everything is working out for your good.

You can choose to remember that you are a divine being, here for a temporary time to bring certain visions to life…

Or you can be a victim of circumstances, having to dodge this blow or that blow in order to get by.

You can choose to EXPAND internally so that you can more quickly reach your goals

Or you can allow external circumstances make you feel small.

You can choose to fully realise that your vision is your permission and that if you have the dream, then you also have the capacity to create it…

Or you can be hypnotized by your environment, by the people who have given up around you and by your self-doubt.

What will it be for you?

I have made my choice and daily, all I see is my vision, my mandate, my goal…

I choose daily to reach 334000 people

I choose daily to empower them to RISE

I choose daily to speak of prosperity via internal and external work…

I choose to help you remember who you really are – DIVINE with DIVINE ABILITY TO CREATE when you connect and stay connected to Source within you.

I choose to help you see that none of the external circumstances are real, they are just a symptom of what is going on inside of you…

I choose to REMIND YOU TO LOOK UP to your vision, to see it clearly though right now, it may only be within you – UNderstand that you can create whatever you can see and feel within you.

I choose to help you see that that yearning within you to BE MORE is because Spirit within is longing for expression…

I choose to teach you practical ways to allow what is inside out.

Will you do it?

You are the only thing in your way

I see you working so hard to stay afloat when really, all that energy could be used to uplevel your mind and expand your consciousness, not all this reacting against external things.  You can choose to no longer be available for all that external nonsense but that is not going to happen while everything inside of you is looking outside of you for guidance.

STOP BEING HYPNOTIZED by the outer circumstances.

YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU THINK and you keep them showing up in your life when you pay so much attention to them.

So, stop it.


Or at the very least, choose what you are hypnotized by.

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