Fear, fear, fear – It is such a powerful emotion! Most people try to pretend it is not there and I was one of those many people for too long!

I tried to pretend that I was brave, I tried to pretend I needed no one at all. Life had dealt mighty horrible blows and I had to take it in my stride and get on with things.

There was no time for fear!

There was no time to be weak,

There was no space to be a wimp so I hid it all, I dampened it down, I tried to pretend I was strong but anytime, anyone looked at me a certain way, I would crumble.

I woke up afraid, I went to sleep afraid, wondering if I would wake up the next day and find another bankruptcy or money disaster because I always push it to the edge.

I know what I want and I am tired of being too afraid to get it!

Money has been a ‘thing’ for me for so long.

I have done jobs I hated because of money, I have stayed in situations for longer than I needed to, because of money…

Actually, NO, I lie,

I have stayed in these situations because of my fears around money, because I chose to believe the fear, rather than the reality that I am always looked after!

Money itself is powerless to do anything to hurt me and yet money can be such a source of emotional tension!


Recently, I wrote a letter to the Pharmacist Board and I said I no longer want to be on the register and that for me, was drawing a line in the sand and saying I just cannot allow my fears around money determine what my life looked like.

I had not worked as a pharmacist in over a year by that point but I had held onto my registration just incase…

Every so often, I wake up in a cold sweat as I consider the fact that I now have no plan B!

I can no longer just accept work as a pharmacist and get some money in because I have given up my ability to do that and then to take things even further, this year, I have chosen to give away most of my property business because it just did not suit me at all.

And that still scares me shitless!

I finally stopped dabbling at business & built a profitable business BUT THEN I GO AND HAND MOST OF IT AWAY!

Silly or what?

And then add on, the super crazy expensive coach I am working with because I just KNEW I had to!

That scared my poor hubby to death! I still wake up in a cold sweat about that, too!

Maybe, it is silly, maybe it isn’t but all I know is that I cannot allow money or fear to control my life.

I know God is on my side.

I know I am here for a reason.

I know I have a purpose!

And further to that, I know that allowing fear to dictate my actions will never ever allow me to live the life I was put on this planet to live.

For as long as I can remember, I have supported others to step into their full power because I have always seen something more in them than they could see themselves…

And one day, a little while ago, I realized I could make a life doing that!


I told myself that I would wait until I was about 62 before I did anything.

That way, I would have all the ‘life experience’ in the world to back me up…

The truth is, I have lived a lot more than many people will ever do even if they live to 102!

But hey, Thank God for my coach at that point pointing some of this stuff out to me. Thanks Dude, you know who you are.

Anyway, I went along with other people’s plans for me and tried to convince myself that it would be fine.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Have you continually put your real life on hold, waiting, waiting, waiting…?

Hoping that something will get better with absolutely no effort from you?

Actually, the truth is, you struggle right now but you have decided that this devil you know is better than going out and facing the devil you don’t know…

So, you stay ‘safe’!

Bored to death and completely dissatisfied but ‘SAFE!’

For me, building a profitable business was key to my freedom; I am not created to do what I am told. I am a leader and finally, I know it.

And for a long time, I was challenged in this area of life.

I kept trying so hard to put my light out by putting myself in places where people got scared of my strength of will and I would temper myself to make them feel better and ‘safe’.

Sometimes, the powerful me came out and a few people DID NOT LIKE IT so I would scurry back and hide!

Crazy, I know and yet, that was me!

Do You Do That?

Have you convinced yourself that you are weak?

Have you convinced yourself that life is always going to be tough and horrid so you may as well settle for whatever you can get?

Have you allowed yourself to believe that money is never going to be yours, only struggle?

WELL, I HAVE SAID ‘NO MORE!!!!!’ to that nonsense!

I am facing my fears, I am facing my money ‘stuff’ and I am creating a life and business that makes life worth living!

Are you with me?

Will you come on this journey with me?

I am not called to everyone so hey, if it all seems too crazy for you, feel free to back away!

For the rest of you warriors, who are ready to just get over the nonsense, to come on a journey with me to money mastery and much much more… then I invite you to join me for a FREE 30 day course

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