I used to feel guilty about desiring to be rich

I used to think I was greedy and proud

And all the respected spiritual teachers taught us to not want ‘more’.

We were to be content and happy with whatever life threw at us.

I hated listening to those talks because it reminded me that I was not spiritual enough

All the while that I indulged this way of thinking and expended energy in thinking that I was somehow ‘less than’, I was not creating the life I did desire

All I was very aware of, was what I ‘should not’ want and ‘could not’ have.

It was silly.

Material things, spiritual things – They are all just things.

We are the ones that have all these judgments about what we can and cannot have as a good spiritual person, what we should or should not want.

We punish ourselves for wanting what we want.

Instead of just allowing ourselves to receive what we desire.

Maybe, by this time next year, our desires will be different, having now received what we felt we wanted today but we will never elevate to that level because we never allowed ourselves to be who we are, and want what we want, today.

We are trying to be spiritual gurus before we are even spiritual tweens.

Every stage of our growth is a stage to be loved, not belittled.

And maybe, it is not even a matter of growth.

I feel it is just a difference in opinion.

Some want more material things – Great

Some want more spiritual things – Great

Some want both – GREAT


Allow yourself to want the ‘shallow’ things and the ‘deep’ things – THEY ARE ALL THINGS ANYWAY!

And not just want them – Allow yourself to CREATE them, to deliberately design them into your life

And once you have done that, maybe you will not want them anymore

Maybe you will want more


Just allow yourself to want what you want.

The end.

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Much Amazing Love

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