No matter what you want in life…

Be it to be the best parent to your children…

Or  a multi-million-dollar business owner

Or slim sexy strong and healthy

Or to move up the ladder a few notches at work and get a massive pay raise

Or to go build wells in Africa

Or to go deeper in your spirituality

Whatever, whatever, whatever it is…

At some point, you gotta stop with the talking about it and actually start doing the work.

If I have not mentioned before – THE WORK ALWAYS WORKS

I was that girl that just expected things to work out for me…

I kept talking about my vision…

I kept wishing to be in business…

I kept hoping for someone to give me a platform if I just talked about it enough…

I kept talking about it as something I would surely do it some time in the future when I was old enough, experienced enough, brave enough…

And all the time, I was passively building a life I did not want but thought I had to have.

It was a good enough life.  I could have settled for being a pharmacist but I was born for more and I knew it.

And so I could never quite feel good in my own skin as I ignored what I truly wanted.

But I was scared by the hugeness of my vision and so I just kept talking about it.

Until I hit rockbottom – Bankruptcy, a 4 year long depression.

The joy of having my princesses, woke me up to the fact that YES, I was born for more but if I was ever to get that ‘more’, I needed to get off my awesome arse and go create it.

I got myself a coach – After all, it had taken years of training at University to get to being a successful pharmacist, so why the heck did I not realise that getting support would help me?

Oh yes, I thought I knew it all! How silly!

Yes, it was scary to go after my own vision and it still can be.

And yet, I would not swap my life today for the boring, mundane life I thought I had to live for the rest of my life.

I became a history maker, not a history-talker

So are you done with talking and never quite getting anywhere?

Are you ready to claim the best of everything?

Then let’s talk, one on one, in the PERSONAL 100K BLUEPRINT consultation.

Serious history makers only.

During this 45-90 minute consultation, we will work together to…

– Get crystal clear clarity on your ultimate 6 figure income vision, your life’s purpose, and the ‘perfect lifestyle’ you want your income to provide

– Uncover the hidden challenges that may be causing you to procrastinate, second-guess and that are stopping you from creating the 6 figure (or more) income you desire to support the life you want to live

You will leave this session…


🔴 Feeling clear on how to make your transition to creating a career/business that generates at least 6 figures by this time next year

🔴 Feeling empowered and inspired to finally have the meaning, purpose & money freedom you desire

🔴 Knowing exactly how I can support you to bring your vision to life more easily and swiftly than you can alone (if we are a fit to work together. I have private and group coaching/mentoring options available for both business owners or career people)


Much Amazing Love

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