You are both

ONE: Messenger of light with a message of healing and power to many…


TWO: Responsible adult with practical concerns and people who depend on you

And it is hard to carry both these positions.

And so because the responsible adult bit is in your face all day everyday, you back away from being the messenger of light that you know you are called to be.

Sometimes, you back off so far from it that you almost convince yourself that you do not know what you are here to do and who you are called to do it for.

You get so immersed in doing practical, mundane things all day that you begin to think that you just cannot ever live out your mission, mandate and dream.


That is not true.

It cannot be true.

You were not created with that calling deep within you without the means to bring it to life

Honey, it is not there to taunt you, to make you feel bad, to fill you with regret.


The calling is there because it is YOURS TO CREATE, if you will choose it

And when you dare to consider for a few moments in the midst of your crazy days, you see yourself in your mind’s eye, speaking, teaching, healing, writing, coaching, counselling, empowering and supporting many many many people

You see your books, your courses, your programs, your services going out there and changing the lives of many

And you see the money coming in, money that more than covers all your practical needs

Money that can be used to elevate your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your loved ones

You dream of a life where you are free to travel

Free to wake up whenever you want and then spend the day doing only what you want

Free to be around whoever you want to be around

Free to pay for all the activities your kids (or family) desires to take part in

Enough money to do all the things you want to do without feeling the pinch of restriction

And more than even the material delights, you feel at peace, finally at peace because you KNOW you are on purpose, you KNOW you are doing what you came here to do, you KNOW your life means something, you KNOW everything you went through to get to this moment was worth it.

You have time every day to study spiritual things, deepen your connection to the Divine and go to any conferences/retreats you want to attend

You have the money to support your spiritual teachers or any causes/ministries that you want to

But then you blink, you come back down to earth with a bang as you realise that NO, you are not there yet and in fact, ‘THERE’ seems so far away from you that it now seems impossible

And so, you tell yourself to forget all ideas of ever living out your vision or at least put it down for now

You tell yourself that maybe, you will get to do it some day when all your current responsibilities are handled

Some day, when you are good enough, old enough, experienced enough

Some day, when the Divine propels you magically onto your purpose path

Some day, when the kids are older and the parents no longer need you

Some day, when you have no more debt and your income has mysteriously increased simply by virtue of staying stuck in the same old, draining position that you hate

You tell yourself to be grateful for what you have and to back away from fantasies

You tell yourself that you tried everything to get your vision working and nothing ever works for you

And you ignore the ache in your heart

Ignore the intuitive nudge from the Divine

Ignore the lingering tiredness in your body

And you just plod along in life, hoping for a miracle, praying for magic, trusting the physical rather than your divinity and telling yourself it is the responsible thing to do.




Stop backing away from your true design vision

You ARE messenger of light

You ARE wayshower

You ARE bringer of the new

You ARE capable of your calling

You ARE capable of creating a 6 figure income(or more) while living in this reality

Your vision IS your permission

You simply need to CHOOSE IT!


It will not happen without your firm decision…

It will not magically manifest by itself while you continue to back away from it…

It needs YOU to be the authority in your life and DECIDE / DECREE that it MUST NOW happen

It needs YOU to handle the inner nonsense that causes you to run from your own destiny

It needs YOU to stop pretending you can ever live a satisfying happy life when you are immersed in the wrong life

It needs YOU to stop submitting to mediocrity when you are called to be GREAT!

WAKE UP, my love


Stop backing away from who you are


BECOME your true design self

Your power to create depends on YOU owning fully your mandate and mission and calling to be Money-Making Messenger of Light (what I like to call THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE)

You are not meant to struggle & suffer your way through life, cut off from your true life’s purpose


But that is what will happen if you do not CHOOSE to create that which you are called and born to create

There are 3 areas that must be mastered on this quest to become the most powerful version of you

ONE. Mindset – the doubt, the mental/emotional blocks, the trauma must be overcome

TWO. Magic/Miracles – you must learn how to connect deeply to the Divine and also learn to then take things from the Divine realm and manifest them into the physical as though by magic (but it is not magic, it is not as mysterious or spooky as we sometimes think it is – It is simply a skill that can be mastered)

THREE. Strategy – the practical – We may be Divine beings but we are having a human and very practical experience.  There is practical stuff to be done but not the way you have been doing it.  Your HARD work has so far been to maintain a life you do not even want and so you have continued to do exactly that. You can learn and implement new ways.

These 3 things must work in partnership or else you remain stuck in a life you do not desire.

These 3 things are addressed completely on the Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace, Purpose & a 6 Figure Income.

And so, I invite you to get on path NOW.

Right now, the magic/miracles area is open and you jump on board by joining the 14 Day MANIFEST MIRACLE MONEY Bootcamp at

Start your transformation now

Stay the course

Upgrade your life

Do it now!

I am happy to empower you every step of the way, if you choose to go the distance

No more delays.

I am making this so accessible for you

There is no more time to live the wrong life

Pop over to now and join in.


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