Sometimes you have to stop and ask for directions…

Have you ever found yourself driving round and round in circles wishing you could find your way out of the maze?  I did.  Today, I was trying to get home after visiting a house and I was convinced I knew the way home so chose not to use my SatNav.  Guess what?  I wasted a whole lot of time going round in circles, and in the end, I had to stop and ask for directions.

Ask for DirectionsLife can be a lot like that.  Sometimes we spend ages wandering around, uncertain about what direction we are facing, we think we know but really, we have not the foggiest about what we are doing.  However, our pride gets in the way and we refuse to stop and ask for directions.

Now, I realise no one can actually tell you exactly what to do and why would you want them to.  But, people can certainly give you guidance or put you right if you are completely headed in the wrong direction.

Ask for Directions on Parenting

As a mother, I still remember the first time I became pregnant and suddenly, all my certainty about how I was going to bring up my children faded away as the love I felt for this new creation demolished my pre-conceived ideas about what a little human was like.  I was going to put V in Nursery at 6 weeks so I could go back to my 6 day a week job and go back to changing the world for all the young girls in my church… or so I thought.

I got pregnant and realised there was no way this could happen.  I floundered a lot as I realigned my views on parenting with what my heart said was right.  I had to ask for directions from people who had walked the path before me.

I defined what I considered to be a great mother-child relationship (my end goal) and looked for people who I felt were pretty close to that picture and had walked the journey before me.  I spent time with them (Mentoring and coaching), asked them questions and tried to implement the things that worked for me.

I had to question my ideas of parenting as had been modeled by my parents and compare it to what I considered the best relationship between parents and children (In my case, my ‘God and I’ Relationship) and discarded some of my outdated ideas to find better ones.

You can do the same too.

OK, this post got really, really long so I have split it into two for your reading pleasure without you having to read it FOREVER. Watch out for the second part on Monday.

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