The answers are within you but you do not trust yourself

You do know the next step to take but you do not trust yourself

You even know what you truly desire but you doubt your ability to get it

You are stalling





Instead of simply moving

And it is making the self-doubt WORSE!

Everyday that you KNOW you need to make a move and you don’t, is another day that you beat yourself up and further demolish your self-belief.

You have to break free of that cycle.

You have to break free NOW

There is a life that you desire to live

A life of freedom

A life of joy and happiness

A life of beauty

A life of compassion and love

A life of fulfilment and satisfaction

A life of adventure

You KNOW you are meant for more than you have experienced to date

But this lack of self-trust and overabundance of self-doubt is stopping you.

It is causing you to settle for a heckuva lot less.

And you are the only one that can pivot

The Divine can only bring you opportunities like this one, but you are the one to follow through on the intuitive nudge and MOVE

You are born to thrive and to prosper

Will you allow it?

If yes, come now and do life with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES’ INCUBATOR & work with me in the bootcamp – 28 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE. 

Without confidence, I would never have left my soul-destroying pharmacist job and found my true calling.

Without confidence, I could never have recovered from feeling like a failed bankrupt with nothing to offer the world.

Without confidence, I would live very, VERY differently from the way I do now.  Lack and scarcity would have been punctuating my every choice. Money would have been my master and the sole determinant of everything that I did.  NO WAY!

Without confidence, I would still be a doormat to so many people as I tried to get their approval, love and permission by being whatever I thought they needed me to be.

Without confidence, my past mistakes would still rule over me, making me play smaller and smaller until I went to the grave

Without confidence, I could never be doing this work that I love

Without confidence, I would never have stopped being a frumpy mummy, carrying so much extra weight as I tried to hide myself from the world

Without confidence, I would never have home-educated my children

Without confidence, I would never have married my husband of almost 20 years now because he was SOOOOO NOT what I had ever expected to settle down with.

Without confidence, I would not have the depth of intimacy with the Divine that I have now.

Self-Confidence is not optional, if you really are committed to living a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.

Stop stalling

Stop dilly-dallying.

Go now to and join in now.

Be part of the revolution of Deliberate Millionaires – spiritual people who are DETERMINED to experience the very best of everything in life.

We are here on planet earth to enjoy being here on planet earth and we are willing to rise out of self-doubt and low self-esteem to claim the life that is rightly ours.

Join now at


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