Let me come straight out and remind you of what you have always known…


Now, I know that you think it is a bit too bold and brash and proud to say such things out loud but it is still the truth for you…

You have always known it

You have always felt out of step with people content to live a small-ish life

And you have tried to fit in with them

You even get angry with yourself at times for not being content

And yet, regardless of how hard you try to just be small

There is a hunger, a desperate desire to live to your fullness.


It is not going anywhere

You just make yourself feel YUK by trying to stifle your awesomeness

There is something you are here to do

Some difference you are born to make

And you feel it

You may not always be clear about what it is

Because you have spent so long trying to fit within the lines that others drew for you

But you KNOW you are born for more

Now, I wish I could give you some magic bullet solution to the feelings of being an oddball, an outsider looking in on other people who you feel should know, love and support you, the being misunderstood, the discontent that keeps gnawing at you…

The impatience

The low-level depression you feel almost everyday

The anxiety that maybe this is all you will ever be

The annoyance with yourself for wasting so much time and making horrid mistakes

But sorry, there is no magic bullet solution…

However, there is a solution

And it is this…

Stop allowing fear to keep you small

Stop allowing fear to victimize you

You are no victim

You are powerful

So very powerful to create an amazing life

And it may not involve the people in your world right now

So stop judging yourself by their standards

Set yourself free from their expectations

You know what I am saying, honey.

There is something clicking in you, even now as you read this

You catch a glimpse of freedom

You suddenly realise that you have been trying to fit your big huge self into a teeny-tiny wrong-shaped hole


Choose to love yourself again

Choose to listen, TRULY LISTEN to that still small voice inside reminding you of your vision and calling and the mandate on your life


Accept it…

“I am born for uncommon success and I now choose to completely love, trust and accept myself”

And then get on the deliberate millionaire path

A path of freedom, fulfilment, abundance and BEING LOVE in this world.

Start to deliberately design your life according to your vision, not according to the whims of those around you or even the issues in your current circumstances.

Feel into the vision you carry…

Stop thinking about all your current woes…

Start to trust that you do know what you desire

And honey, come into the Deliberate Millionaire Assembly

Come jump on the phone with me every other week and be inspired, empowered and guided as you step into your true place in life

Come get new income streams set up and running.

You need to be supported by someone who understands you and the longings inside of you

You need to have life – the dynamism of the Divine – poured into you

You need somewhere safe to express what is in you, without fear of judgement

You need strategy to move forward

You need accountability so that you stop allowing fear to victimize you

Prosperity in all areas of life awaits

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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