Still Want to Earn Extra Money at Home – Believing These 6 myths will stop you from growing

On Monday, I started to address the myths people believe which halt their ability to earn extra money at home. I mentioned some of my past issues and the things I had to deal with in order to free myself sufficiently to increase Family Income. Let me continue dealing with the myths that are so prevalent in your mind and this stops you from growing, from believing in your value and from making the changes necessary to earn extra money at home.


Earn Extra Money At Home

  1. Starting a business will demand all my time

    So will having a job where you need to go off to another location which is probably one of the reasons you do not want one. Starting your own business will allow you to work it around your family if you are wise and you still get to see and interact and even involve your family.If you are already in business and finding it is taking you away from your family, then the question is ‘What is more important and how can you refine the way you run your business to ensure it is running around your family rather than your family running around it?’

    Again, this is a question of creativity.  I ran into the same problem but thanks to my coach and mastermind group, they made me question my priorities and I have taken steps to stop running my business the wrong way round.

  2. I cannot sell

    Well, neither could I!

    The truth is great salespeople are not born, they are made!  Selling is a skill that you can learn.  Another thing to consider is the fact that if you are doing something you are passionate about, then it will be easy to fit it into conversation.  You already do it all the time when you are talking about things that mean something to you.  What would stop you from doing that in your business?

    I know, I know, It does feel different, doesn’t it?  As soon as you start to mention your product or service, you feel like you are pushing your ideas down other people’s throats, don’t you?  The truth is, you are not but your body language changes, your smile might get a little stiffer and your heartbeat starts to race, your potential client picks this up, does not understand it and flees before something bad happens.  Then you tell yourself you are not good at selling.

    Let me give you one tip, instead of thinking of yourself as a sales person, choose to interview someone, ask people for their opinion on your product or service, ask questions that pique their interest and see where that leads you.  Another thing would be to read, read, read- Not just anything but read books that will help you increase your skill level.

  3. I am just not that savvy

    What does that even mean?  Again, your fixed mindset is letting you down. Great Business people are not born, they are made.  They are made by people who are determined to change the way they do things.  They are made by people who recognize that things are changing again and that the rise of the small business owner is inevitable.  With all the advances in technology, it is possible for anyone to set up shop from their home and make a difference to their family,community and compete with the big boys (if you want to).

    What did you do pre-children?  Is there a way to refine it and create a business for yourself from home?  Could it help you earn extra money at home? On a smaller scale perhaps, than from when you worked for a large company?

    You do not have to recreate yourself (unless you want to).  You can start something on the side and build it up.  Stop looking at all the reasons you cannot and bring business down to its simplest form – provide a product or service to a client at a price more than it costs you to provide.  That is it!  Keep it simple, make a start and then little by little, you can develop the rest.

  4. I am just a mother

    Yes…, and…?In my opinion, (Maybe it is biased!), a mother is capable of sooooo very much! If you can do all the things listed below then  you are more than capable of figuring out a way to earn extra money at home and increase the family income – MORE than capable.  All that is missing is enough of a reason to do it.
    Earn Extra Money Just a Mum

    The questions become “Do I Have a reason to Earn Extra Money?  A reason bigger than my fears?”

    If that answer to that is yes, then being a Mum will not stop you.  Pop over to Hire My Mum and get an idea for the things you could do at home as a mum to earn extra money.

So there you have it, Six myths that stop you in your tracks on the journey to earn extra money.  Have you been subject to any of them?  Are they holding you back from your best future and best life right now?

On Monday, I did a call which addressed some of these issues and more – I talked on Victimhood, Multi-Tasking and Business Growth.  For those of you who missed it, here is the audio replay.  Just fill in the form below and watch your emails for the link to the audio.  Also, Spread the word to the people in your world by liking or sharing the post. Choose to be inspirational today.

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