I sat on the sidelines for very, very long…

Staring with envy at those who seemed to be able to live with the uncertainty of faith, trust and going for the desires in their heart.

Finally, bankruptcy, depression, wanting more for my children got me off the sidewalk and right into the throes of deliberate life design.

However, that did not make it all feel certain…

The only certain thing in my life was that I would never ever stop

Everything else was shaky, scary and I wondered if Papa would desert me, EVEN…

Except not really

The Divine has always been my constant but you know… it was scary.

And so, I understand what it is like to want certainty but at the same time crave the results that allowing yourself to go out on a limb, will bring.

And it is a ‘WILL BRING’ not a ‘MAY BRING’…

Though it may not seem so certain from your viewpoint.

The only variable is you – Will you go the distance or not?!

Anyway, here are a few key things that will help you deal with the uncertainty of going bigger and bolder with your life


Everything starts here.  For me, though I have had many times of doubting the Divine, as I said, He has always been my constant.  The one I know will always be there and always be supportive and always FOR ME.  Thanks to some weird religious programming, I did not always believe it but I am mostly free of that nonsense and I now know that even if all the world around me gets shaken, I am safe, fully supported and all things are working out for my good.


One of the things I had to learn to do, was hold my vision very firmly.  I finally realised that my desires were of the Divine and that it was up to me to keep them clear in my mind as I would only ever create what I chose to create.  And if I chose to create a world where I was subservient to the Divine and had to continually wait for some other confirmation before moving forward or seeking guidance for the things I desired then I would simply stay in that state of waiting forever.

That is not helpful for uncertainty.

In the process of deliberate design or co-creation, I have the task of deciding what I desire, holding that vision and keeping myself clean and clear to receive it.  The Divine has the role of deciding how the thing I desire gets to me.  So, If I do not do my part or if I hold a shaky intention, I get shaky results because I always get what I put out there.


Sometimes, the intuitive nudge to do something may seem completely weird and different from what you are used to.  I get that and yet, you gotta do it anyway.  It is part of your role in opening up to receive your good.  You have to act on those nudges and yep, you can tell yourself that you do not know what they are, and I would tell you that like most things, listening to our intuition is a practice.  Come into the OPULENCE CIRCLE and I can support you in learning that or read a book or something.  Find a way to hone your intuition.


The overthinking will get you every single time.  You get a nudge for something to do, you get excited because it feels right in your inner man but then you employ your brain which thinks and thinks and THINKS about it until it seems like a bad idea.

If your brain knew hoe to get you where you wanted to go, you would already be there.  Stop OVER-thinking.


You are becoming more powerful, more strong, more resilient, more tenacious, more relentless, more faith-filled, more understanding, more loving as you learn to live in the tension of waiting for resolution of your desires.  Be thankful for the person you are becoming, honey!

You are literally becoming more like God!  How awesome!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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