Everyone wants the great stuff

But most want the great stuff while staying comfortable doing the things that caused the average stuff

And so, most settle for the average stuff

And others go all out, dare to burn bridges and go claim the great stuff

It is all about stepping out into the unknown

And most people are looking for a tried and true path to it

But there is no path that works for every single person

Yes, there are foundational things you can learn but mostly, it will be about trusting yourself and the intuitive nudge within you

And most find that hard

Yet, the great stuff is available to all

There is no limitation, except the one you agree to

There is no gatekeeper for those who choose to step off the broad path

The Divine keeps nothing from you

So, really the only thing that determines if you will have the great stuff or not, is you.

That is it…


So, the real question is…

“Are you willing to step out into the unknown to fulfil the purpose and vision you have for your life?”

I have had to face this question many, many times

And other questions like…

“Will I turn my back on everything familiar if it means that I fulfil the purpose on my life?”


“Will I question every single belief that seeks to hold me back, regardless of how sacred it is supposed to be?”


“Will I put my purpose and vision as my highest priority, even when it means that people, including loved ones, think I do not care for them?”


These are not easy questions to answer ‘yes’ to, when you actually have to do the thing…

It is easy to claim to want great things

It is easy to even get all excited at a conference or while in meditation

It is another thing altogether to open your eyes and have to stare into the darkness and still say ‘YES’

And yet, I decided the vision, the life’s calling is worth it and so…






So, tell me, are you willing?

One thing that supported me in moving forward was access to a coach

Someone who would help me peel back the layers that life had placed on me and help me see the lies that I needed to shift

Some of that stuff was so ‘normal’, I did not even realise how much it was holding me back from stepping up to my next level

And now, I do the same thing for my clients

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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