The Thief Comes To Steal Kill and Destroy…

Steal kill and destroy

Everyday I watch people…

I watch people living their life…

I hear their thoughts because I can see it played out in their life…

I used to be one of those people and unfortunately, find it far too easy to become one of them again.

What kind of people do I mean?

I mean the kind who are addicted to struggle, to trials, to difficulty and to all the bad stuff which they claim they do not want but then seem to revel in.

It truly can be hell on earth for a lot of people and I do find myself wondering how much of it is due to their own decision that this is the only way to live life.

It is as though their identity is found only in struggle.  If there is no struggle and drama and things are going well, they will find a reason for things not to go well again.

I only know this because that was my life.  When you have walked through some shocking circumstances, you start to look for trouble under every rock.  If things are going too well, you are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Yep, I get it.

I get why it may seem easier to live that way.

But, really?

Is that what you want your life to be about?


So, there is a verse in the bible about the fact that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy whereas Jesus came that all may have life in its fullness…

Abundant life!

So, why then is there so much struggle?

Why then do spiritual people, even Bible-thumping Christians, live as though we must suffer through everything?  And I know you will say, it is because he was talking about eternal life, life after death and all that.  And yet, he said the kingdom is HERE, within us, NOW!!!

He did not say it WILL BE here…

And I get it, some of you reading this don’t give a hoot about what Jesus said or did not say and that’s ok because he also said that God sends the rain to both believers and unbelievers.  He was not finickity about who he loved so regardless of your belief system, the same rules apply to you!

It is just like gravity – Just because you refuse to believe in it, don’t make it null and void for you.

And yes, for all you Christians out there who think I am kinda crazy, (Well I am!) and I personally leave all judgments to God so I don’t want to get into arguments about anything.

But this is the thing…

We get to choose what life looks like. 

If you have decided that all your past experiences are proof that life is tough then life will continue to be tough.

If you keep looking under every rock for trouble, you will absolutely, definitely find it.

If you have decided that the life your parents lived is the only possibility for you then that will be your reality for always!

Or maybe, just maybe, you can decide to turn the tide.

You can decide that life is no longer going to be stolen from you, destroyed in you and killed.  Instead you can choose abundance.  You can choose to stop looking for trouble but to recreate your story around a story of abundance.

You can decide that everything in your life right now has been commanded by you and that as you take full responsibility for where you are, you can change it all.

It may take a little while but surely, the journey to abundance is better than staying stuck in a story of trial and tribulation ALL THE TIME.

You can find happiness, abundance even now, if you will believe it and look for it.

I keep telling you that abundance is your birthright and the moment you believe it, is the moment everything starts to change.

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