For I am about to do something new.
    See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
    I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

From The Bible

Life & business may have felt dry recently

It may have felt tough to break through

You may have felt inclined to quit


You may be afraid of what is to come

You may wonder if you have what it takes

You may wonder when your breakthrough will arrive


This deliberate life path we are on, can seem unrelenting at times

Unrelenting in its call to expand, to grow, to stretch, to release

It may feel like the quest for true lasting prosperity is taking everything away from you

And yet the vision beckons…

A life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance

A life filled with relationships that lift you up

A life where you know you are living to your TRUE DESIGN

A life where you feel a sense of accomplishment as you impact and influence many lives

A life where you are drenched in love

So, yes, it may be tearing you apart but only so you release the things of old that keep you from your vision


Something new comes…

You have turned a corner

You have cracked the code

The dreams you have been affirming and taking action towards are being manifested into your physical reality

It is like giving birth to a baby

The moments before it happens, it feels like you are literally dying

The pain is at its peak


And many quit at this point, telling themselves stories and excuses

But we are not the ‘many’

We are the ones who STAY THE FREAKING COURSE

We go the distance


And because we did what the many would not do, we get to live the life that the many will never experience


You are more resilient and powerful than you realise

You are capable of your calling

And you are called to be leader in this age

Called to be way-shower, history maker, truth-teller

Called to be rich in doing the work you are born and deeply desire to do


Feel the tension and do not seek to resolve it too quickly by quitting

Instead feel the power within you…

Feel the Divine flowing within you irresistibly drawing to you all the desires of your heart

Stay connected

Stay crystal clear on what you desire

Keep doing the cleaning and clearing work

And TAKE IMMENSE ALIGNED ACTION towards the vision

It is your day

It is your time


And come work with me in the OPULENCE CIRCLE

This is not a trip to take alone

That is one reason why the many quit

How much more difficult it is, to stay the course when everyone around you thinks you are a bit strange for desiring the things you desire?

Be wise.

Put yourself in an environment which enables you to win

Come join me in the CIRCLE


Much Amazing Love

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