Stay At Home Mums – Finding the Best of Both Worlds

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On with the reflections and the attempt to figure out the best of both worlds for me – the new stay at home mum.  Have you read Part 1?

Wanna-Be Stay at Home Mum

Stay at Home MumAfter Baby 3 – H, we were at breaking point. This time the reality was that I would have to return to work when she was 6 weeks and I really did not want to.  There seemed to be no way out and I resentfully went to work. Thankfully, Tloml changed his job and went self-employed which helped make things easier.  But something inside me decided ‘Enough was Enough!’

Are you there yet? Or are you still comfortable?  It is usually when you get to a critical level of discomfort that things change.

I never wanted to be in that position again. To me, the few years we get with our kids are sooo precious and I did not and still do not want to give them up to be at the beck and call of an employer.  Pharmacy can be a flexible part time job as long as you have no goal to climb the career ladder.  It is also not so flexible that I can do it from the comfort of my home with my princesses round me.  And that is what I wanted.

My dreams of building a business re-awakened.  I felt the curtain of disappointment and failure from my previous pre-children attempts at business begin to lift.

I decided to try something again.  I tried Forex Trading- felt it was too much like gambling.  I probably just needed an education.

Then I decided to get over my fears and get into property. I was commited so I got educated and coached. This time it worked 😀

Now, I know, that some ladies do not want to start a business.  And that is OK.  Maybe, the conflict for you is just trying to find a way to fulfill a need within yourself to work, go up the career ladder etc  and yet the lack of flexibility in work means you feel torn between being a stay at home mum or a work out of the home mum.

The idea of this is not to say any way is better or worse.  It can be a very emotive topic with ladies :-), I am not here to make judgement, My concern is that YOU get to do what you WANT to do, wherever YOU WANT to do it.

That said, what did occur to me while reading this post is that starting your own business, big or small, does give you the choice to create your own lifestyle.

It can seem to be tough to get going, and scary to even contemplate.  Yes, it is.  I would be lying if I told you otherwise, unless you are of a different breed of woman who is not scared of the prospect of uncertainty.

Also, being in business means there may not seem to be any ladder to climb and that is sometimes the prestige we are looking for outside the home.

However, it can be as flexible as YOU CHOOSE it to be.

If the goal is to stay home with the children and yet not find yourself in dire financial straits then working long, hard hours may not be essential. There are stay at home Mum jobs that can literally be done in 10 hours a week – as long as you ACTUALLY WORK on the business 10 hours a week.

Yes, yes before you all decide to cast me off as one of those home business crazy people, the truth is, they do work.  Setting them up is usually the part that people IMAGINE is going to be sooo much more difficult than it is.

So Where is all this going?  I want to inspire you to look into finding other ways – Ways to help you fulfill your own dreams.  To start, I have put together this lovely little eBook (COMPLETELY FREE!) which will give you three ways to get going on replacing your income in your own time.  At least one of them will work for you.

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