Starting Your Own Business? 5 Tips For Dealing With Fear And Anxiety

By July 25, 2015April 22nd, 2020Self Development

Dealing With Fear And AnxietyStarting your own business, no matter how senior you may be in your current role, is likely to cause you to feel pretty anxious and scared. The concept of starting anything new is usually a huge cause for concern and giving up a stable (maybe stressful) income adds a lot more pressure to you.

So here are a few ideas to help you deal with your fears and anxieties.

  1. Tap into your huge reason for choosing a different path in life. Yes, there will be the surface reason of wanting to be free but there will usually be a deeper reason to start your own business and when you tap into that reason, you find that it is easier to stay on path and face the inevitable challenges that will come your way.

    So, take a moment to journal about this question “What do I want?” then take it a little deeper and ask yourself “Why do I Want this?” Allow your mind to run free and capture all your thoughts either on a screen or in a physical journal and do this until you get to the point of tears. In that moment you have found your huge ‘Why’. And keep this top of mind when you take daily actions towards your goal.

  2. Break down what You have to do into little chunksWhen you are dealing with fear and anxiety, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. And fear always makes everything seem so much worse than it really is. Again, get intot he habit of questioning yourself “What is the next thing I can do to take me closer to my big goal?” then do that. Keep it that simple. Do not allow yourself to keep going into all the things you have to do. That is known as overthinking. And overthinking will stop you dead in your tracks which will then add to the fears and anxieties around what you are doing.
  3. Have a success ritual.What makes you feel good? Maybe, listening to uplifting music makes you feel powerful? Maybe, it is reading an inspirational book? Whatever it is for you, create a success ritual that gets you out of fear and anxiety and back into confidence and clarity.

    You always have a choice so choose to create an uplifting environment for your self.

  4. Be wary about who you spend your time withMost people, setting up a business are not usually surrounded by people who think you should take this plunge. They may want to support you but overall, they are ‘worried’ that it is all too much for you to deal with. They cannot understand why you would leave a well-paid career to go off and do your own thing so their advice, though well meaning can be a catalyst for more fear and anxiety in you as you start to wonder why you are bothering.

    Get deliberate about whom you share your ideas with.

    Get deliberate about who is allowed to influence you. YOU do not have to be accessible to everyone. Be a diva if you need to be, just do not let people sway you in ways that do not feel good or get you to your rainbow’s edge.

  5. Understand what the worst-case scenario is. Take some time to figure out what the worst-case scenario will be if you stay on course and start your own business. For most people, the worst thing is that you will have to return to work and feel a little shame about the fact that you failed. Is it failure to try something and not succeed at the first go? I don’t think so. The only true failure is choosing to stop.

    The other worst-case scenario for most people in developed countries is that their government will support them in some way until they find their feet but again, it could be a lot worse. Bankruptcy can happen but again, that seems to be one of those things that most successful people have gone through at least once.

    So when you understand that there is nothing too bad out there waiting for you, you will realize that you are able to deal with whatever comes your way and that will help you deal with all the fear and anxiety.


  • Lizeta Walker says:

    Hi Rosemary,
    Thank you so much for your article. It’s confirming everything I am realizing after just spending 9 months living with someone really negative – a family member – who really discourages me from following my own path as an entrepreneur. But of course, her disbelief impacts me only because I have my own doubts and fears, and so in many ways I am my own worst enemy. I appreciate you spelling it out simply here: “Do not allow yourself to keep going into all the things you have to do. That is known as overthinking.” I am about to take some constructive action inspired by all of the insight! All the best!!! -Lizeta

  • Great, great, GREAT! It can be so hard to ignore people who just keep handing over their opinion but yes, it is only because it affirms what we are thinking already. Time to take action anyway, despite the opinions. The work is exactly what will save you.

    All the best and thanks a lot for stopping by!

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