Starting Up Your Own Business – 5 Reasons Why You Must Wake Up Earlier

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Starting Up Your Own Business - 5 Reasons Why You Must Wake Up Earlier

Starting your own business and making it successful can be tough. It is essential that you take into consideration both the mindset issues as well as the strategic concerns.

I have always been an early riser but in recent times as I choose to ramp up my productivity, I am making it a habit to wake up at 4 or 430 am and it seems I am not along in doing this. This is not a case of being super human or pretending to be the hardest worker on the block – NO! This is because I am on a mission to provide the best service to the people in my world as well as be the best partner in my relationship and the best mum to my princesses and all of this takes time.

I am aware of it and I choose to use my time in the best possible way.

It is never enough to have all the strategy in place. You must get the habits and attitudes of a winner as well and that is part of the work I do with entrepreneurs (current or soon to be)

If you have all the strategy in place and you do not get your habits and attitudes under control then you are setting yourself up for a fall.   You cannot expect to keep doing what you have always done and get better results.

Getting up earlier is one of those habits that can make or break your transitioning into to business so here are five reasons to help you understand why it is helpful to do so.

  1. You Increase the Amount of Time You Have Each Day To Play With
    One of the biggest reasons people give for not setting up their own business and making it successful is a lack of time. One way to handle that concern is to start an hour or more earlier.If you are determined to create profits and freedom in your own business then you can find the discipline to give yourself an extra hour each day. In just 90 days of investing that hour in your life, everything could change.
  2. There is less distraction first thing in the morning
    If you live in a busy household, it is fairly easy to get lots of work done if you wake up before everyone else does and starts making demands of your time. You could even go into the office earlier than anyone else and not get too distracted by the office chatter.
  3. Your Willpower Is At Its Best In the Morning
    We all have a finite level of willpower and it depletes through the day. Using it first thing in the morning to do the work that builds your business is key to making sure you get things done.
  4. You Get Pure ‘YOU’ Time
    When last did you get to do anything on your own while your brain was still fresh?This is time to do the mental work of dreaming and planning and maybe even some learning without all the distractions of the normal day. You can easily accomplish so much more in this time than you will for the rest of the day. And you set a positive tone for the day.
  5. It is just self-mastery at its best
    Running a successful business takes a lot of discipline, hard work and commitment. You will not do it without mastering yourself. And this is a simple way of proving to yourself that nothing will beat you.

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Rosemary was a pharmacist until she decided to drop out of the rat-race and create wealth her way and now she teaches others how to make the same transition and how to life happy, wealthy, fulfilling lives

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