I am Starting Up My Own Business. You got Any Tips?

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Everyday on Facebook, I connect with people who want to start a business.  I love it!  It is the purpose of my business to help people get going in business and to give them the success they want in life and I have worked with a few people to achieve this.

I love it!!!

The thing is this – I almost always get this as a personal message…

“I am starting up my own business.  Can you help me?”

Starting up my own BusinessI get this message on numerous occasions and sometimes I respond, other times I don’t.  It all depends on how busy I am.  Can I be honest with you? Just completely honest –  Just me and you having a chat as I tell you my heart and you share yours.  Well, here goes.  I am putting my heart on the line here – Don’t hate me now! 😀

I HATE that question!

Yes, I admit it, I hate, hate, HATE that question!

So why do I hate that question?

When I see that question, what I see is someone who wants everything to come to them easily.  They want me to tell them all the answers that I invested thousands to get.  I see someone who thinks success is their right even though they have done very little to actually make it happen.

I see someone who wants EVERYTHING for nothing! and I see that unless the attitude changes, even if I gave you all the answers, you would not use them to find lasting success.

You may disagree but the truth is, unless you choose to take yourself seriously – unless you choose to recognise that your best thinking right now has got you to where you are – unless you recognise that all the places you are currently spending your money are not getting you anywhere fast then really nothing will change.

Does that offend you?

I too used to think like that and guess what?  I just got deeper and deeper into debt and despair.  I wanted everyone to give me things for free. I wanted life to be handed to me on a platter and while I was waiting for that to happen, life just kept getting worse.

Now, when I want to learn something, I do some research and quickly invest my money with a training provider who can get me what I want to learn.  My heart is to ensure I always the most up to date information to give to you all at a fraction of the cost I paid for it, so I am willing to invest in myself to achieve this.

Why do I do this?

I value the time they invested in learning what I now want to learn and frankly, even if the training is not all it is cracked up to be, I will still have gained something!  Everyone has something to teach me and I value myself enough to learn the lesson.

Time and Time again, I see people who are trying to gain something for nothing and time and time again, I leave them in the dust!  They are so afraid of being taken for a ride, so afraid of being deceived so they waste time looking for free information, struggling on their own and getting nowhere fast.  I say “Good Luck to you!”

You do not have to let that be you. The simple act of putting your money where your mouth is, makes YOU take yourself seriously.  I remember putting down my first huge sum for training – It was about £10k and I was too scared to tell my friends that I had done this, I was petrified that I had made a really bad mistake.

However, within the first few months, I made it back with property and by the end of the first year, I was in a completely different place.  Now, I easily invest in training because I ALWAYS come away with more than I have invested.  Why?

Because as soon as I put my money down, I become more than determined to make things happen and to see change.  I know I must get my money back and more and I am determined to do whatever it takes to make it happen.  It is never dependent on the training provider, it is always up to me!

Starting up my own business and taking myself seriously has certainly caused me to grow up and challenge my old ways of thinking.  It has certainly changed life for my family and I.

  • Will you let that happen in your life?
  • Will you commit to the change in thinking that must become part of who you are, in order to succeed?
  • Will you invest in yourself with your actual hard earned money?
  • Will you invest in yourself enough to figure out how to use Free Skype or Google Hangouts so we can have sessions over the internet, if you are not based in the UK?

It is up to you!  While you think about it, Do stop sending me those messages asking me for free tips 🙂 . Your free tips are all over this website and Facebook  or Twitter. Take advantage of it because my vision is certainly to help you get started.  However, if you want more one to one help, you will need to believe in yourself sufficiently to invest in yourself.  Go over to the Coaching page when you are ready.

My best wishes to you!

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