Goals Mastery 2

I look at my princesses and I see three girls whose start in life is completely different from mine.

The princesses have two parents present with them who adore them.
I had two parents who loved me but I never felt a priority to them – their extended families came first and I was brought up with a private foster carer seeing them only at the weekends for the first 5 years of my life.

The princesses tend to get most of what they ask for (within reason).
I made do with whatever I could get and then I had to be on the alert for someone (sometimes, even family) wanting to take it away (steal) from me and then I would steal it right back (if family. If armed robbers doing the stealing, well… I just cowered in fear).

From a young age, I intend for the princesses to know and follow their own mind (I cannot complete control them but hey, I will give them the environment for it).
In my youth, I knew I had to fulfil other people’s ideas for me and toe the line or else…

I could go on and on talking about the differences between my life and theirs but it would make you think that I am putting down my upbringing in some way and that is not the point!

My parents did the best they could and now I do the best I can with my princesses.

This is the thing I am trying to say though…

No matter how different my princesses’ upbringing is, if they do not make deliberate choices themselves about what they want, it becomes irrelevant how wonderful I try to make their upbringing.

I could try to make everything super easy for them by providing EVERYTHING I think they need for growth and self expression and an early discovery of purpose but ultimately, THEY have to decide their direction & THEY HAVE TO do the work to get there.

They have to buckle down and do the internal and external work necessary to translate my ideals into their own reality (if they like them) or they could spend their whole life moaning about what my hubby and I have done or not done to help them.

Everyone has to come to that conclusion – We all have to grow into the fullness of who & what we are.

There are all kinds of reasons for why we are unable to do this or that.

Why we settle for half a life instead of reach out and claim our full life

Why it is easier for the other person who had that amazing upbringing and why you cannot do what they do because you have gone through hell and you are just about making it through each day.

Why your partner will not let you do what you dream about and why others have it good because their partner is so supportive

Why having kids means you cannot have a life yourself because that would be selfish…

Why being at work all the hours God sends is not a recipe for your own business growth…

Why your network marketing upline is not assisting you to build a successful business…

Why you cannot get your books or music into the world unless you have some big name person behind you…

And yes, you can choose to let that be your story.

OR you can choose to no longer let your current story define your everyday life and your future.

You can decide what you want ( no matter how unrealistic it feels at the moment) and you can set goals that get you there little by little or maybe even big by big!

You can start to realize that none of what you believe about why your life is the way it is, is the absolute truth – it is all just a story you have chosen to play out and you can change that story right here, right now.

You can decide that you are a person of power, a person of incredible possibility, a person who has not even tapped the surface of what is available to you…

And then you can start to live that story out.

After all it is all just a story anyway!

So why not choose a story that empowers and lifts up rather than a disempowering story?

Why deliberately believe a story that brings you down?


You CAN choose a new story and you can do that by deciding what you want and setting some goals to get there.

I personally will always get support to do it because it ain’t easy to tell yourself a different story when everything around you is still playing out the old story.

And so I invite you to join me on

Goal Mastery – How to Deliberately turn your big dreams into reality faster than ever before.

We begin on Monday 9th February and together we will work on making sure you get one or two goals done in the 28 days we work together and also, you will get exposure to a different way of thinking, a different way of being, a more powerful way of creating and designing the life you want.

Find out more about this and I invite you to take advantage of the current price which is a fraction of what it will be and also, you get to have a Life Upgrade & Goal Setting Coaching session with me if you are one of the first few to join in. That session alone will propel you forward.

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