You keep trying to start from something you are not…

What do I mean?

You keep thinking that you are not successful already and so you come from a place of desperation instead of a place of quiet determination.  Your every action is assailed by doubt and fear that you are a failure instead of being embued with the power that is inherently yours.  You act from fear and so you create more fear based results.

You tell me you want your life to change and yet, you do not change it.  That tells me that you don’t really want to change it.

Because I know that whatever you put your hand to, happens.

So, let’s dig beneath the surface a little bit…

What would it mean to ‘change your life’?

Maybe you think you will lose all your family and friends…

Or maybe you think that you will become a nasty person…

Or maybe you think that it was a fluke that you got to this level of success and so you had better not do anything to upset the balance…

Or maybe you are worried you will become like your Mum or your Dad whose actions you despise…

What is the underlying fear that you keep trying to avoid?

You tell me that you want your business to work and yet, you keep taking actions that seem to destine it for failure.

Your actions are scattered and you keep chasing every shiny object and you keep stop-starting – What is the underlying fear that you are running from?

Because that underlying fear is causing you to create even more fear because you are diluting your efforts and getting a diluted result.

What are you afraid will happen if you focus?

Do you fear that you will not handle all that apparent success?

Or are you afraid that you will not create the life you want after investing all that time and effort in trying to?

Maybe you think you are not up to it?

And so you prove yourself right by taking scattered action or no action at all!

Are you paying attention to what you are doing?

Just because you pretend the fear is not there does not mean it is not directing your every action, your every thought and therefore your every result.

It is time for some clarity, methinks.

It is time to stop, look and listen to what is playing out in your life.

Because if you definitely want to create a life of wealth and happiness, you have to get a lot more deliberate about it.

1. Start with gratitude.

Right here in this moment, write out a list of things you are grateful for in your current life and acknowledge yourself for having the sense to create it.  Because you co-created it with the Universe, with God.  Be grateful and acknowledge your strengths right now.

2. Stop running away from truth

I am always astounded by the innate knowledge that clients carry within them when they stop spinning their wheels too fast and instead, allow themselves to dig deep into the truth that they are powerful and that they DO KNOW what the next step is.

It is so easy in this day of information overload to start to think that you are always missing something and to keep looking for that next magic bullet, that next shiny object, that next solution that will change everything instead of tapping into the power within and acting from a place of strength.  And that is where I excel at supporting these powerful clients.  I support them in being here now.  Not in the past, not in the future but here in the present.

And then we gather what we need to clarify the next step.  And the answer is always within them.

3. What do you really want?

Keep answering this question until the desire becomes something of an obsession that you cannot help but create because now you clearly focus on the thing that you actually want, instead of using all your energy to avoid something that may not even be here in the present moment.

If you stopped to look at it, how much time and energy do you speand looking at all the things you do not want and avoiding them.

Enough of that, deliberately focus on what you do want – Write it out over and over until it is hammered into your brain to the exclusion of everything else.

4. Take Deliberate Action

Now that you are obsessed with what you do want, take deliberate, consistent action to create it.  Do not get stuck in overthink, believe you know what to do and act, act, act.

5. Look at what is and adjust

When you have been taking deliberate action for a season, look at the result of your efforts and then determine from what is, the next action to take.

Look clearly at the results, not what you think or what you feel, Look at the results – Look at what is.

And then adjust and keep moving forward.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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