Are you starting an online business? Part 1

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Are you Starting An Online Business? Part 1

We live in such a privileged time! I know, I know, this is all you have ever known so to you, it seems the norm. But take it from me – I have come from a third world country and living here in a developed one, I see how easy we have it and most of us do not even realize it.

So, because we are blessed, we are able to claim time freedom…

We can start businesses doing whatever we want, whenever we want…

We can make money our own way…

Of course, most of us do not actually take advantage of it because (and I am only giving you my opinion!) when you have nothing to worry about, you start to create other things to be concerned about.

Instead of getting to work and making your dreams come true, you start fabricating all kinds of reason why you are stuck, why you are trapped and why you must stay sad and depressed forever.

And yes, like you, I can be as prone as the next person to not seeing how blessed I truly am. Well, writing this is certainly reminding me just how sill y I can be at times.

So, let me wake you up to things…

There is nothing so big that you cannot conquer…


The huge obstacle you see is mostly in your head… It is not as real as you make it out to be. And when you buckle down and get to work and START seeing the result you will see what I am saying.

OK, now that I have alienated most of you… Let get really talking.

There is so much information out there and it can get pretty confusing so let me use this blog post to bring it back down to the basics and you can slowly, but surely add to your knowledge as you go through it and as you need to.

Please do not become one of those online business wannabes that never really take off. I used to be like that. I thought about it, learnt a little bit here and there but never really got all the information I needed because… well, I was cheap!

And I thought ‘they’ just wanted to take me for all I was worth. I was not going to become the next seminar junkie! Oh no, not me!

And well, I wasted a whole lot of time faffing around, messing about and making nothing happen at all. In fact all I did was misuse my time, which incidentally is the only thing I cannot replace.

Such a waste – I still regret it.

Anyway, back to the topic – I am going to take you through a simple process, so simple that you may think I am holding something back and I am not! The more enlightened ones will see the simplicity of this start up model for what it is and if you are one of them then you will run with it and create that fulfilling life and profitable business you have only dreamt of to date.

Though the various parts are not actually easy to do, it is simple to understand so then you can start with a solid foundation and build on it, little by little as you implement, not just THINK!

First and foremost, decide what you would like to sell…

Are you selling you or are you selling a product? Is it a service that you are good at and that you now want to offer on an online medium? Or maybe, there is an invention you want to offer the world? Or maybe, you are happy enough to sell someone else’s product because ultimately, you are looking for the freedom that a business can give you?

Well, I will start by telling you (and this is only my opinion, of course), that you should pick something that makes your heart sing. The work you are about to embark on is tough and if you do not like what you are doing, it will end up feeling like a job.

All those people selling you on how easy it is, are not telling you what they did to get to the easy part 😀

They have missed that out and so you are sold on how easy it can be instead of realizing that learning a new skill – the skill of selling yourself and your business – can come with an uphill learning curve.

But that is all part of it.

Nothing to be worried about…

Just part of the journey…

Ultimately, love what you do.

You have already spent an incredible amount of time, disliking (or maybe hating) what you do so why then would you start something else that is hateful.

I have spent a lot of money chasing after one dream of easy money or the other and then, I discovered that it was not easy at all. It is tough and when I tried to make it super-easy (as in, not do anything at all and hope to wake up to the money!), then nothing happened. I tended to wake up as broke as when I went to bed. In fact, you might say, I was a little bit broke-r!

Just trying to be honest with you!

For instance today, as I write this post, I can tell you that it is about the 4000th word I have written today because I am determined to ramp up my effort and the best way I find to do that is to let my words go where they will.

Thankfully, I enjoy writing so to me, it is fun so in fact, I would rather be writing than eating chocolate. OR should I say, I would like to do both but if I had to choose one, then I would choose to write – (Much healthier!)

So, hear what I am saying – I don’t care what those other gurus say, figure out what you enjoy doing and do it.

And determine to do it until you get the result you want because that is the only reason to date that you have not succeeded at doing what you like.

Business demands a lot from you whether online or offline so please, please do not get lumbered doing things you do not want to do… AGAIN.

Most of us have lived the life our parents, our friends, our bosses, our children decided SHOULD be our life and surely, it is enough.

Surely, it is now your time.

Surely, it is time to be true to yourself.

Of course, you need to figure out who yourself is!

And that takes time and possibly the subject for another time. Though if you go searching on my site, I think I wrote a post about knowing yourself and your strengths a week or so ago as well.

So, when I say decide what you would like to sell…

Make it something you really enjoy. If it is a product, let it be a product you can write and talk about without running out of things to say. Yes, it will probably be the same thing over and over again, said differently but you must be willing to do that.

If it is a service, same thing applies.

Centre your business all around you and what you like to do and then it stops feeling like a business and more like something you really enjoy that makes you money.

OK, that is your first consideration, tell me what you think in the comments below – What do you want to know? – Expect part 2 soon

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