It is easy to think that you have to have it all together before you can stand out as a leader.  It is easy to think that you have to be the perfect person before you allow yourself to lead others to the next level in their life.

And because it is so easy to think these things, most people stay stuck at some stupid, low level place forever.

They keep waiting for someone to come give them a title and I wonder how that can even be considered leadership.

If you have to wait to be conferred with the title, then aren’t you just a follower?

A true leader is flawed.

They know that they are flawed and they take responsibility to get better at certain things but they recognize that they have to show up, flawed and all.  Time will not wait for perfection.  All the while that most so-called leaders are waiting to be TOLD that they can now lead is time that people could have been served.

Time and time again, I have fallen for this trap.  I start to think that I cannot do what I choose to do because I am not good enough to do it, because someone out there has not come and told me how excellent I am, because I have not received the obligatory ‘pat on the back’ for good behaviour.

As if I am a pack animal.

As if I have to wait for recognition before I choose to step up and unleash the true power of me on the world.

What if there is just no waiting time?

What if you can just choose one day to wake up and decide that today is the day that you become all you have dreamt of being?

What if you just decide to stop jumping through some person’s hoops and just be the person that you are?

What if?

I mean think about it, how much more could you get done, if you stopped waiting for permission to do it?

Yes, of course, there will be those who are irritated that you suddenly got all courageous and started doing what they have dreamt of doing but isn’t it time, you just stopped letting some other person’s craziness affect what you do or don’t do?

The people you are called to lead, the people you are called to serve are waiting for exactly you to show up and show them that they too can choose at any moment to be all that they are created to be.

And honey, the money flows better when you are truly ‘you’!

And the money sticks around better as well!  Because you actually enjoy the way it comes to you and so you do nothing to sabotage it!

The person you are, has taken years to refine so why not just choose to be that person…

And once that is settled in your mind, you can focus on more important things like refining the message you are called to deliver to the world…

Like making your business reach more people who need exactly what you are selling…

Like changing lives…

Be Clear inside, Be Productive Outside & Create wealth for you and for yours.

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It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want!

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