Stages of change Model – Maintenance

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Lets continue the story of Amy as she cycles through the stages of change model.  To start at the top please do read the other parts of the series which are as listed below:


Amy was pleased with her progress so far.  She was managing to remain motivated most of the time.  The family diet had changed somewhat as she sought to provide healthy cooked meals for her family, so unlike just a few weeks ago when it was a bit more ready meals and no vegetables with meals.  Now, she took the time once a week to plan the meals for each day of the coming week.  This then informed her shopping so she was only buying items she had a use for.

Her husband was very proud of her and was even managing to lose some weight alongside her.  She carried on with the exercise regime as well, it was great fun each week to spend time with familiar faces struggling through the hour with sweat pouring off them all.  She had also bought a few exercise DVDs to keep her active in between the exercise classes.  She did not have a regimen for those yet but it gave her an alternative if she felt up to exercise.

She still attended her diet class each week.  It was lovely getting weighed and also chatting to fellow dieters, encouraging and exhorting each other for the following weeks.  In fact this whole weight loss thing was quite fun really when she was with friends.  There were difficult times, usually when she was on her own or with the children and feeling a bit stressed then the desire became so strong to eat something she shouldn’t in quantities she should not eat.  So far she had not given in to the urges but Man, it was difficult!  The holidays were also coming so there would be even more temptation to eat a lot of things she shouldn’t.

Anyway, she remained in contact with her pharmacist and also with her group leader and they always had a little bit of encouragement to give her to keep her going for at least another little while.  She did love the difference she saw in her body as the weeks became months but at the same time, all she could see ahead of her was a never ending inability to eat all she wanted.  It was a weird blend of difficult and easy.

What stage are you at?

Amy had made a firm decision to live differently and though it was by no means easy, she was resolute in her decision.  How determined are you to stand steady despite the difficulties that inevitably present themselves?  Change is not always easy but it is not impossible. Always remember it took time to get where you are and it will take time to remove yourself from that place.  Nothing happens overnight regardless of how much we wish it would.

Be strong!

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