Stages of Change Model – Contemplation

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As I mentioned before, we will be looking at the stages of change model – It is a theory developed by Prochaska and DiClemente  and click[amazon_link id=”038072572X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] here[/amazon_link] for the book they wrote about the model.

So each day, I will consider different parts of the cycle.  Feel free to join in the conversation.


“Amy, do you realise your weight is causing your knees to ache so badly all the time?”  These were the words her pharmacist had said to her.  It was not the first time she had heard it and yet, somehow this time, it felt different.

She had popped into the pharmacy for some more painkillers to soothe the aches and pains that always followed after a day’s walking through the town.  This was a different pharmacist than the usual one so when she (Sylvia) had popped out to chat with Amy about the medication she wanted to buy, it had felt a bit more special somehow.

With a smile on the Sylvia’s face, she had run through s few questions trying to figure out what the problem was for Amy.  On explaining about the aches and pains she had around her knees, the pharmacist had suggested a suitable medication.  Then, with a sympathetic look on her face, Sylvia had asked how Amy felt about the fact that her weight was probably a main reason for her pain.  Normally, Amy would respond ‘no, it is not related to my weight, it is in my genes’ to this, but for some reason, this time something seemed to click in her head and it occurred to her that maybe, just maybe, it could be her weight that was causing her issues.

Anyway, she agreed to have a chat with the pharmacist, Sylvia about it in the small consultation room in the pharmacy.  Amy wondered out loud how on earth she would be able to lose any weight; after all she had been this big forever.  Would she have to start eating lettuce leaves and nothing else?  Her husband and children were used to eating the wonderful food she cooked, how on earth could she change things without it affecting everyone?

On leaving the pharmacy, she had a lot of questions that she wanted to find more information about.  It all seemed a bit too big to deal with really.  However, now she felt like there might be an answer to her aches and pains so she had to at least look into figuring out how to change the situation.  She decided to have a look on the internet about weight loss and then maybe go back and chat with the pharmacist or her doctor to find out more.

What stage are you in?

Maybe, you too suddenly realise that maybe there is a way out of your situation.  If weight loss is the goal, then maybe you realise that there may be a bit more of a solution than just putting to down to your thyroid, or family genes, or metabolism.

It might be overwhelming to think it all through so take your time and ask for advice.  The best and most lasting solution is usually slow and steady.  Take some time to wander round this site or ask a few questions.  I am always happy to assist you anyway I can.

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