You have everything you need to flourish.  Do you really understand that?

There is no need to wait around for any kind of saviour, do you GET THAT?

I know the leaders reading this have always known that they are powerful.  And yet, I think a few of you just need someone like me to remind you to stop looking outside of yourself for a saviour…

And that saviour may be what you believe to be God…

(Yes, I am going to talk about God here so if you are one of those that gets uncomfortable and militant about the separation of God, spirituality and general everyday life – you should just leave right now…

I am kinda tired of catering to you if you cannot see that your fear that anyone who mentions the word ‘God’ is about to whack you over the head with something terrible, is silly. It is just another weird belief system that holds you back.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

For all of my life, just like you, I am spiritual…

I call my spirituality ‘Christianity’ – You may call yours something else or you may pretend it does not exist and as long as that works for you… GREAT! but I firmly believe everyone is spiritual.

For me, spirituality has been a fairly normal way of life – It has always been a part of my identity.

God saw me through some pretty lonely and scary times and He has been a constant part of my life in one form or the other…

And the truth is, at various points of my life, I made Him into something terrible and I did not even realise I was doing it.

And you possibly do not either…

I am a very capable person – VERY CAPABLE!

I am a leader and yet, at times because of my lack of understanding, I have played a smaller game because I thought that ‘god’ wanted me to do that.

I had to be smaller so he could be bigger and all of that nonsense…

This is a very religious way of thinking and I bought into it – hook, line and sinker.

I never stopped to question what kind of ‘god’ needed me to be small so that he could appear big – It would have to be a very small god indeed, don’t you think?

Think of all the bullies you have experienced in your life, they had to make you feel small in order for them to feel as though they had power over you and so you took on role of victim and they took on role of powerful bully.

Is that really the kind of god you have?

Is it any surprise that more discerning people run in the other direction from such a weak god?

I remember belonging to a church that was all about being weak and laying down all your strengths – God Given Strengths, I must add!

And it was stifling!

And yet, I thought this was the way it had to be.

Obviously god must have an inferiority complex and need me to be weak and broken all the time in order for him to feel good, right?


That is just some person’s interpretation of events, spiritual text which enables them to control the herd that follow along with it…

And it leaves you the follower always looking for something, someone outside of yourself to come save you but it never ever happens…

You feel weak all the time.

You end up begging and pleading with ‘god’ to come rescue you when you already have EVERYTHING you need to rescue yourself and also to support a few other people along the way, as well.

Can you not see just how damaging and demeaning and SILLY this all is?

I remember starting to ask questions of the leaders in this movement and please, don’t misunderstand, I love these people very, very much, I just could not buy into the theology or that brand of spirituality any longer…

And I see the damage it does to many, very capable people who stay down because they think it is the right thing to do.

All the while, the world around them is dying because they refuse to stand in their full authority and power!

Anyway, I started asking questions as to why no one seemed to get much better – Everyone seemed to come broken and stay broken – Nothing got fixed!  And there was no real answer.  It seemed to be enough to give people religion but then leave them in their broken state.  In fact, it became the thing to glory in your weakness because it made God look better!


We have to make an all-powerful being look better?!

He can’t do it by himself?!


For some of you reading this, you will feel tempted to quote bible verses at me, and go running in the other direction because you are too scared to be real about this and that is okay.

But for some of you reading this, the leaders, the ones who have always felt that something was a little off with the status quo, you will not take it at face value but you will start to question some of your long-held beliefs and that is what I want you to do.

Look CLOSELY at what you are believing to be true.

Because TRUTH stands up to scrutiny.

It really does.

Yes, I know there are some things we take on faith but when it comes to who you are and what you are allowed to be, to do, to have, start questioning!

You are leader and you have a call on your life.

And while you think you have to play small and demean your GOD-GIVEN strengths as you try to appease a ‘god’ who needs you to be small…

The world is not being reached by your message.

You continually second-guess yourself…

You do not create overall wealth that comes with inner peace as well…

And all in all, you create a life of regrets.

And it is time for you to be done with that.

You are created a leader, a powerful leader and it is time for you to stop waiting for something external to you to come say ‘go’

God is in you and He has given you everything you need to flourish.

START FLOURISHING, for goodness sake!

And honey, this principle works whether you believe in God or not!

You have everything you need to get going creating your dreams powerfully.

You want to change lives – Get to it!

You want to create a lot of wealth and live a luxurious life – GET TO IT!

Start putting physical structures around your dreams – Stop begging, pleading with God about making them happen.  Be thankful that you have everything you need to make them happen starting NOW!

In faith, keep taking the next step and watch all of the universe conspire to make your dreams happen.

That next step may be the littlest thing ever and you wonder if it will ever make enough of a dent to make your dreams a reality and that is where the magic comes in… By you being thankful that you are creating your dream and you taking the next inspired action, you announce to God and to the Universe that you are serious about making stuff happen…

And like magic, doors start to open…

Opportunities appear where there seemed to be nothing…

And one day, you look back and notice that you are actually living out the life you dreamed of long ago and for a second, you wonder why you ever thought you had to beg and plead (you called it prayer) with a reluctant ‘god’ to grant your desires.

You will realise in that moment that you were the only reluctant party in that equation.

You always have had ALL you needed to flourish and now, you can give yourself permission to be even more the powerful leader you KNOW YOU ARE!

Because God does not need you to make Him God.

He is, has been and will always be what He is, regardless of what you choose to do or not do.

So, get on with it!

It is time for you to start living life even more deliberately than you have to date.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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