Sowing your seed in Great Soil

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The final part of this 4 part series on sowing your seeds.


Sow your seeds of success

Image from The Huffington Post

This is the part where we can truly see the point of all you have gone through before.  You have had seed so many times in the past, but it never lasted, someone talked you out of it, you got choked as you tried to pursue this internal dream of yours, this goal.

The thing I want you to see is that you can do it.  Almost every successful entrepreneur has gone through their own personal journey to get to the place where they are now.  They tried and failed numerous times and finally they broke through to the big time.

They learnt not to listen to people not walking the walk themselves,  They learnt not to listen to people who are just out to maintain the status quo.  Your growth seems to mean pain for them so they go out of their way to ensure you stay the same.  They walked away from their own comfort zone and decided to change things and change things immediately.

 Are you ready to make that change yourself?

 The thing about the seed that was sown in the fruitful soil.  It grew in varying amounts, some of the seed yielded 30, 60 and 100 times as much as was sown.

How does this apply to you?

When starting in business, you can get a wide range of results.  With perserverance, determination and focus, you can multiply your efforts exponentially.

The thing is, some parts of your life may not be going the same exponential growth.  So success in one area may not mean success in all areas.  You bear fruit but maybe not as much as you would like.

The next level is when you start to consider you whole life, not just business/working life.

Some people spend their whole life chasing one business success after the other.  This is great, but in the process, most other parts of their life falters to nothing.

A more than abundant harvest occurs when life in all its facets are taken into consideration.

Take a look at the infographic above obtained from the Huffington Post website.  It talks about the new meaning of success.

It expresses in pictures what we, women, have known to be the truth for a long time.  For eons,  Men have been the bosses and have taken a very one sided view of success, money and power being the key drivers

Now, imagine a life where each of the circles in the new definition had been worked on and built up to their maximum capacity.  That would be a force of women to be reckoned with.

So, to conclude this series, Success is a many faceted thing.  The journey to success can be very indirect.  There may be times when we go back to the beginning and start again.  The key is to keep sowing those seeds in good ground by

  1. being wise about who you share your dreams with,
  2. being wise about how many things you take on,
  3. being wise in your expectations
  4. being aware of all the aspects of success and not focusing in on just money and power
  5. getting the right kind of support to help you further your goals – Join a mastermind group, get a coach.

What do you think?

Consider this, how much further would you be in your journey towards success if you had someone who held you accountable, someone who helped you clarify your goals and most of all, someone who was completely FOR YOU, with no hidden agenda, would it be worth your while to find out more?

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All my very best!

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