Part 3 – Sow your seeds

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Today we will consider the third way that you can sow your seeds and stifle or enhance the success you hope for in life.  Have you seen the first two posts? Read through those first so you can see where we are heading with this post.

Sow your seeds

Sow Your seeds 2

sow your seeds

With your permission, I would like to ask you to consider this third thing that can happen to your seed.

3. Thorns that Choke when you sow your seeds

In this case, you sow your seed of success, you have got through the first horrid bits, you have stood against some opposition and allowed your roots to grow more firmly and you are still going.  However at this point you get carried away, chasing after one kind of success at the expense of all the rest of life. You want to live life to the full but…

The thing about being human is that you are actually a WHOLE being with relationships, family, a body that needs looking after, a job/career, spiritual needs (and we all have those whatever your belief system).

Attempting to chase after just money can make you lose sight of all the other aspects of your life.  Attempting to create the perfect body with too much exuberance can cause you to gain issues like anorexia, bulimia and other concerning issues.  Workaholism means you ignore the important relationships in your life.

Success starts to build up in your life in one area but then you get choked because you are out of balance, you are unable to keep it up, the guilt you have been keeping at bay starts to mount up, the lack of discipline in some areas of life start to show in the form of illness, unhealthy stress, anger, resentment, insomnia and more.

You are choked!

You might even be distracted by taking on too many things at once.  Some entrepreneurs do not know when to say ‘No’ to an opportunity.  We are chance- takers at times so whenever something new and exciting comes our way, some new development, some new training, some new way to make money, we want to say yes to everything.  Some do!

All of this adds up to you feeling overwhelmed and the fruit that starts to show is now choked out by all the craziness around it.  It is almost like self-sabotage, you can see it coming but you feel you cannot stop it.  You are so caught up in the nonsense that the reality is masked.

You may not even know this is happening to you.

This is the point where you need support to free yourself from things that are trying to choke you.  You may not have people in your corner at this point as you have chased your dreams to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.

Your vision is skewed so you can no longer see a way out.

All this sounds so negative and down in the dumps but I am here to tell you that where there is life, there is hope!  You can find a way out of the craziness that surrounds.  Yes, it may involve cutting away things that you now hold so dearly and close to your heart.

If it brings you freedom, it is worth it, right?

On Monday, we will talk about getting past this phase to a place of amazing fruit, amazing success.  Please do share your thoughts in the comments below, lets chat about the various ways that help can be obtained.  Do you want to chat with someone who is on your side completely and has walked the path before?  Then pay a visit to the coaching page.

Until the next time, let’s live life to the FULL!

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