Some people speak to me, hoping, praying, wishing that I have some kind of magical answer…

An answer that does not involve doing any work! 🙂

And I can hear the initial hope in their voice and then the creeping disappointment when they realise that building a business does require a lot of work.  A LOT OF WORK and that is why most people do not do it.

Actually, no, let me qualify that.

Most people are not afraid of hard work (and there is an exception to every rule, of course!)…

It is the combination of hard work plus emotional tension.

Hard work is easy when you know that the money is going to pop into your bank account at the end of the month whether you work hard or not.

Hard work is not so easy when you are uncertain whether all your efforts will result in anything good, when you are unsure whether it is worth your time, when you are doubting yourself, when you are wondering if you are crazy for doing this business thing, when you are assailed with sooooo many doubts and life itself is pretty darned busy without adding on this crazy business thing.

That is when hard work gets pretty TOUGH!

And I understand…

I too go through the internal fire from time to time when I doubt everything, everyone from my coach to my God to EVERYTHING and it is hard to stay on path.

Surely, if what I have to offer is soooo awesome, everyone would flock to it easily…

I would open my mouth and speak and they would be queuing to buy from me…

It just should not be this hard ( or so I tell myself!)…

And because all these thoughts go through my head (and yours!), we spend time looking for a way to circumvent it all.  We spend time looking for ways to make it easier, to make it simpler, to make it more attractive etc etc and all the while you do that (because I know better now, honey, so I am leaving you to it)…

All the while, you navel-gaze and try to get more education about how to do the thing you know that you should just do…

You fall farther and farther away from just doing the work and therefore you get further and further away from your goals, your result.  I have told you before that business is straightforward and yet, you still go looking for an easier way.

It does not get any easier or simpler – You just have to stay on course!

Even when you doubt yourself…

Even when you do not have confidence…

Even when you are not sure that anyone wants what you have…

Even then, you have to be consistent and keep pushing and believing in the power of what you have until you hit gold – You find your people – the perfect blend of ‘want what you have’ and ‘want it from you’

then suddenly, it all becomes easier!

It stil is hard work but at least, now you have a little confirmation that the hard work will pay off.

And as I say, you are not scared of the hard work, it is all the emotional craziness that comes with ramping up or starting a business that causes you all this internal pressure and makes you want to quit and run home to mummy to hide under the blankey!

I understand…

As I say, I feel like that at times, but I have learnt to just keep showing up each and every day…

You decide to keep showing up and doing the work, even when you do not know how, why, when, where…

You do what is in front of you to do and you work with a coach, a mentor to keep you on track because this journey we are on, is not one to walk alone!

Only crazy people think that they can and not the good kind of ‘crazy’!

It is the ‘crazy’ that does not actually, truly believe they will reach their goals so they pretend to work hard for a time but quit the moment things get tough and because they have no one to be accountable to, they fall back into a life they do not enjoy.

It is the ‘crazy’ that is stuck in a life that they do not like but they refuse to see that there might be another way and so they work hard at maintaining a life and business they do not like!

Such a pity!

They did have something awesome but hey, the life of a ‘norm’ is pretty attractive when you feel isolated and alone in the struggle.  I did that ‘back and forth’ thing, ‘doubt myself’ thing forever…  Now, I work with a coach and will never be without one and no, they did not give me a magic bullet!  In fact, some days, I want to hate them but underneath the emotional tension, I know that they have my back!

You , honey, have to decide if you are serious about making things work or not.

You, honey, have to stop being taken in by the fluff about building a business being as easy as pressing a button and voila…  result.  You have to be committed to making your dreams come to pass.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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