Sometimes You Just Have To Trust

By May 6, 2015December 11th, 2022Self Development

You just have to trust

You have dotted all your i’s, and crossed all your t’s and now you wonder what else you can do.  You want the result soooo badly, you can taste it in your mouth and you wonder if there is something you are missing.  Is there someone else to speak to?  Is there something else you can push out of the way?  Is there something to pull into your way?

What else can you do?

You keep spending all your time, checking this and checking that to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

You just cannot leave it be…

It feels like your whole life is riding on this result…

Will it work out?  Will it all be another failure on a heap of other failures?

Do you have the courage to stay standing whatever happens or will you crumble under the pressure?

But…  NO, you do not want to think that because if you allow yourself to go down that road, you are not sure you will pick yourself up and try again.

So… you start to plead with all the heavens to help you!

You ask your friends, your partner, your CHILDREN EVEN if it all looks good to them…


You are fed up of wishing and praying and hoping and frankly, THIS JUST HAS TO BE YOUR TIME!!!!

I mean, how many times can one person, no matter how strong, pick themselves up and keep trying?  How many times can one person stand against the tide of popular opinion and keep doing the work without all the promises being realized?

You are the person that knows, absolutely knows that you are created for big things and yet…  YET… nothing seems to have worked properly yet?

OK, truthfully you have done some massive things in your life, things other admire you for but you KNOW THERE IS MORE TO YOU STILL!

And you are scared, worried, wondering if you will just give up one day and never actually live out the promise you feel pumping in your heart every freaking day…

But this is the thing, you have given up before…

You have tried to live like normal people before and it was just plain dissatisfying, boring, depressing and you JUST CANNOT GO BACK THERE!

Yes, you may be crazy but you just cannot go back there and so you feel you must keep pushing, pushing, pushing and PUSHING until something shifts.



These dreams in your heart are not there for nothing, are they?

These dreams are not there just to imagine what life could be like and then you wake up to your real mundane kind of life, are they?

You know they are meant to be lived!

You know it!

And yet…  Why has it not worked?

Is it a ‘YET’ or is it a ‘NEVER’?

You don’t know – You just know you are meant for more and you are ready for it now!

And yet, in the silence, in between the pushing and shoving and staying on path determinedly, you KNOW that the call is also to trust.

To trust that if something is yours, if you have the dream of something, then it is only a matter of time before it manifests in your life as long as you do what you can do and trust that the Divine will do their bit and it will come together at the perfect time.

You know it is all perfect already really but you are a driven one and you have to make sure you are doing your bit with every ounce of strength within you.

So, take a breath!

Smell the roses!  BE HERE NOW!

Your life is also happening now!  Push, but do not let the push consume you.

It is certainly a fine balance for people like us.

And yet, you know you have this.

Just do all that you can, fight your good fight and focus forward…

Then Trust.

I can help.

You may have blindspots that you are not seeing

There is a reason you are here reading this…

You are on path

the struggle is on

You have asked the Divine for assistance

And here you are, reading this

There are no coincidences.

You need to trust and take your next step

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