Everyone does NOT get a say in your life…

No matter how close they are to you

No matter whether you are connected by blood


And in fact, some people should simply NOT be in your life anymore

Because they are quite toxic to your growth

And you know it

But you are a nice loving person and so you do not want to cast people aside until they choose to level their life up…

But let us also be very honest about this…

You are scared that you will end up alone, if you get rid of these people and you are not sure that you can handle it

Though you say you do not want this drama in your life, there is a part of you that is scared to live without it

Who would you be, without the drama?

What would you do, if you were not having some story to tell?

And also, who would love you, if you walk away form this VERY CONDITIONAL Love?

So what, that you feel alone because you cannot truly be yourself anyway?

So what, that you have to stifle yourself over and over again in order not to offend anyone?

And so what that these people do not seem to have the same respect for you?

How much longer will you put up with this, my love?

How much longer will you keep self-unloving?

When will you truly see your own value and stop jumping through all the silly hoops for everyone else?

It is not wrong to value yourself enough to walk away from anything that hinders you…

And how on earth will you ever meet your true people, if you do not create space to meet them?

I know that you have only ever known this type of relationships, where you have to downplay yourself in order for it to work at all, but it is not the only kind available…

You can have loving relationships

You can be respected and cared for

You can be seen and loved just the way you are

But only if you are willing to make room for them and to create them

It will take courage to walk away from the damaging relationships that have become a normal part of your life

And no, you do not have to do it all at once unless so led…

But start to give yourself the option

Start to build your self-confidence and start to value yourself again

You are worth true love

Claim it, my love.

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister


  • Kanyi says:

    Nice article Rosemary…makes a lot of sense 🙂

    It really can be tough sometimes, especially in a relationship setting where you had hoped for so much and you have to let that hope go but then the liberation that comes with it is worth it. And a lot of the time, we feel silly for giving so much love to people who don’t give us the same level of love and respect back but I heard something really interesting the other day…”The power in a relationship lies with whoever cares the least but not the happiness,” so we shouldn’t feel bad for caring as much as we do. What do you think?

    All in all though, love the article 🙂

    • Yes, the liberation of letting go is so worth it. It can feel very hard to do it but I do believe that everything is always working out for our good, no matter how dire it can look at times. I am not sure I understand the quote you mentioned so I have no opinion on that but I do not believe we should ever feel sorry for caring so much. We never want to close our heart though some boundaries can be helpful.

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