Social Media For Business – 5 Ideas That Help You Generate More Leads and Convert More Prospects Into Buyers

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Social Media For Business

Just 10 years ago, social media was not even a twinkle in the eyes of most people. It popped up and proliferated the world so quickly and now there is hardly anyone out there who does not have a social media presence. Even in the developing countries, access to social media is becoming a norm.

And for your business, it is an essential part of getting your message out there. It makes building a business so much easier and if you are pretty good at communicating with a group of people and build relationships, it is a pretty cost effective way to make things happen.

Here are 3 main ideas that can get you massive results using social media for business…

1. Do Not Hold Back Your Best Stuff

People sometimes go into social media trying to hold back on their best ideas thinking that they need to hold back in order to sell their best stuff. They forget that mostly it is the implementation that people will pay them for. So, this does not work when using social media for business. Even if you are B2B and you, of course, are using Linkedin to market your business, it is the articles you share, the updates that are useful to the people on your prospect list that will get you all the attention you crave.

If you are looking to generate leads on social media, give until it hurts and see what happens.

2. Go Where The Clients/Customers Are

Most people try to keep inviting people into their world and needless to say, there is reluctance to do that. Who wants to deliberately be sold to? So what can you, the discerning business person do?

Go where they are. Social media groups are a great place to find your prospects and show your expertise and when they are enamoured enough with you then they will come into your world. Do not start by pulling them into your world, instead go where they are and let them make the choice to come find you.

3. Use Retargeting

Learn how to use retargeting to get your message continuously in front of the people who are interested enough to go see your website. As you follow the above two ideas, you will have people surreptitiously checking you out. They will pop over to your websites, your social media presence and anywhere you are on the Internet. Make sure you capture the people who turn up on your website and use the facilities on Facebook or Google to stay in front of them over and over again.

4. Getting Active by Increasing Followers Will Help Your Search Engine Rankings

And of course, this in turn will support your efforts to generate leads as the search engines choose to send you traffic because you are showing up as a more engaged business willing to support customers daily.

The other side of this of course, is that increasing followers on your social media platform gives you social proof. Your prospects are more likely to work with the expert with a great number of engaged followers than the one who does not seem to have a presence at all.

5. Build Relationships

Social media is not designed to be a stand alone way of generating leads.  It is social.  You have the opportunity to make personal connections with people – Use it!  You do not have to do it all yourself, you can get support but make sure that most of the personal connections are you using your own voice to draw people into your world.  Let those who like what you stand for, come forward and work with you.

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